Nocturnal erections and PIED

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  1. Gavalar09

    Gavalar09 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering about something here.
    I’m not getting nocturnal erections at all.
    Shouldn’t I be getting nocturnal erection even if this is PIED?
  2. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

    BuddhaPunkRobotMonk Administrator Staff Member

    Sometimes people who have PIED don't get them. Have an erection in the morning when you wake up may be the first sign that you are starting to recover from PIED. Just give it time!
  3. Gavalar09

    Gavalar09 Member

    I’ve heard nocturnal erections are nothin to do with PIED so I’m quite confused.
    I don’t get erections at night, I’m the morning or on my own.
  4. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

    BuddhaPunkRobotMonk Administrator Staff Member

    I hadn't heard that. What exactly do you mean by "nocturnal erection"? An erection in the middle of the night? Or being erect when you wake up in the morning?
  5. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    15 year pmoer here. I never had a WD and only vaguely remember some MW/nocturnal erections when I was a teen. I got into pmo so quick I never gave my body chance to do it's own natural thing.

    2 years pmo free and I get frequent mw/nocturnal erections and have even had a few WDs, which is crazy since I'm 32. It's an unfortunate reminder of how many years my body was not doing this and how much damage I did to myself.

    In my experience nocturnal erections (or lack of) is related to PIED.

    To the guy asking what a nocturnal erection is, it's just a hard on whilst you sleep.

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