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    Although I never experienced what ur experiencin to this extreme, my life has been similar in the sense that I watched hetorosexual porn, tranny, gay porn and gang bang porn in my lifetime ... Of course I escalated into that .. I started watchin porn was wen i was 12 (man those orgasms felt so good at that age) and 19 is the age I escalated into other shit because the regular shit got stale .. Im 26 now so Im just a bit older then you ... Long story short I was going awhile without progress ... I would do 20 day reboots 90 day reboots and now as I am 240 days no porn no maturbation or orgasm and my libido would barely pick up although i could orgasm with a decent erection if i wanted 2 ... After all that I knew my problem had to be deeper then what meets the eye ... Came to find out through a ton of stress, desperation and hopelessness my problem didnt start improvin until after i started praying, reading the bible and fasting to God ... And now with the combination of 9 months of complete abstinence im starting to have morning woods and sparingly spontaneous erections

    I know alot of ppl in this forum will scoff at what I am telling you but this is something that might require some divine intervention ... People would surprised to find out that there spiritual causes to our ED as well since we are spirit first body second ... That changed everythin for me and it can for you ... Im not saying become a religious nut or anything but incorporating a bit of that to my journey has made a DIFFERENCE for me and I know for you it can do the same... You can reach out to me anytime through inbox, text whatever Im here to help
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    Twilighning, the fact is that the longer a person goes without sex, the less their body will desire sex. It sounds like your body has adapted to being non-sexual. I know you said you've had sexual intercourse and that didn't help. I think your solution would be to try again. And again. And again. Eventually, it will jumpstart your sexuality. Like one of the other members said, it will require deep and intensive rewiring. And consistent rewiring.

    But what might be even more important for you is to focus on finding a relationship and building relationship skills. Developing emotional connections to another person within a relationship, I think, can stimulate sexual function even more than intercourse alone. Putting too much emphasis on raw sexual libido creates an anxiety which hurts libido even more. Give this some thought and please tell me how it goes.
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    So far it has been six years with no orgasm no Libido no arousal or anything like that. This whole thing started when i was frickin 17 years old, 3 months before my 18th birthday. Going for about 7 years now i have seen no improvements and i have 2,5 years on hard mode. In the mean time i have seen hundreds and hundreds of reports of People going for 1 or 2 or 3 months without porn and experiencing the lifechanging 90th day. It took me quite a while to realise that everyone here Claims to have pied or Problems induced by porn yet can have orgasms arousal and normal sexual functioning. For 6 years i have only been doing rebooting aka doing nothing and waiting it out and rewiring aka doing nothing and waiting it out. I kinda understood that Ill never get any better when I heard there are no anti porn pills guarentiing a 100 percent recovery. Frankly i hit a dead end 6 years ago and theres a big Chance im just going to wait it out with rebooting and rewiring and doing nothing again till dor the next 6 years and the 6 years after that and so on and experience no Progress at all. On top that this whole Thing happened before I lost my virginity. So there is a huge Chance of me dying without having even 1 normal sexual contact. In the mean time im sure ill be reading thousands and thousand of 2 or 3 months succes stories and life changing moments.
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    Twilight please don't think like this ... Its very self defeating and it doesnt help the issue ... Have faith .. I also believe coming to close to God while abstaining can do wonders for you .. Im not sure if you believe in spirituality but I believe alot of our problems are deeper then what you see on the surface ... I had a dead dick for almost a yr, no morning wood no nothing, and recently only started getting them back once I started praying and doing daily bible reading ... Mind you, Ive had problems having sex with females since I was 16 and Im 26 now ... Still fighting the battle of course but now Ive been gettin morning wood for damn near every day for almost two weeks now ... Its working for me and Im really sure it can work for you ... At this point, you have nothing else to lose ... I wish you all the best
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    Yeah, I do understand how you feel, even though your flatline seems more extreme than mine. I'm trying to reboot for 4.5 years, still not much progress. But I can O with porn easily. I can't really stay hard with a partner and feel asexual 99.9% of the time.
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    You should try acupuncture.
  7. It appears to me that you are experiencing severe anguish over not being able to accept the fact that you might just be asexual.
    Being asexual makes you feel alienated. Maybe you feel that you are missing out. For some reason you feel that being sexual is a very important part of life, and you can't find your place in the world without it.

    Dude, just look at it this way: There are millions of different amazing human experiences out there that most of us can't have. The experience of winning the lottery, the experience of being a rockstar, or of being the president of the United States, or even just the experience of being a citizen of a 1st world country. But just because we can't have them doesn't mean we have to be permanently miserable. Practicing acceptance of what you have and are capable of, and letting go of what you really want for the moment is very difficult, but you have to keep trying because there is little else you can do to find peace.

    You are the master of your own life. If sexuality is a dead-end for you at the moment, then forge a new path in your life. Whatever happened in the past happened. So you "wasted" 6 years. So what? You're only 23, still a baby. Even if you die at 46, that's still a whole extra lifetime for you to live and have adventures. How can you predict what will happen in the next 23 years? And if you die at 69, that's two extra lifetimes. Just think about that. That is a loooong time. Some people are late bloomers. When you haven't been thinking about your libido for a long time will usually be the time it comes roaring back. But if it doesn't, then hey, you're living your life anyway.
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    I am exactly like you 0 libido all the time .. cant you tell me how do you live your life ??
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    I completely disagree with that and that's probably the last thing he needs to hear. Maybe for him, being sexual is something be wants to experience while he is young with someone else that is young, and the fact that he can't is causing so much pain.

    I know you meant well, but what you said is no better than the doctors and people who say "maybe you're gay" when you tell them about your ED, and it's probably gonna make him feel worse
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  10. I am in no way belittling the pain and anguish he obviously feels.
    But perhaps I have forgotten what it was like to be so young. If my comment sounds blunt and uncaring, then I sincerely apologise.

    Here's some context to my previous post:
    I am 38 now, and I was diagnosed as having brain cancer earlier this year. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to die within the next 5 years. The doctors think I can do at least 20 years! But the diagnosis really puts into perspective for me the priorities in my life.

    I can still enjoy my life and live it to the fullest despite knowing I have a manageable, yet incurable disease that I will eventually die from in the future. I love and appreciate all the little things I have in my life. That can only happen through full non-judgmental acceptance of my situation. I refuse to be miserable for the rest of my life until I die from brain cancer.

    If you feel sad and depressed for me from reading the above, don't be. Because I'm not. Everybody dies, but truly living is a choice.
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    This is very good advice. There were times in my life when I didn't feel any libido, but just getting in an intimate situation sparked something.
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    Has anything changed since you started this thread 3 years ago?
    Do you get nocturnal erections and morning wood?
    Are you on depression medication?
    Have you ever taken finasteride?
    Can you get a hard erection and feel horny watching porn or jerking off?
    Are you horny and your dick just doesn't work or you aren't horny at all?
    Have you done a hormone panel and consulted with an HRT doctor who specializes in treating men who actually knows what the hell they're doing? (rare and almost definitely not an endocrinologist)
    If you've been going for years without watching porn and jerking off, then I think it's safe to say those things are not the cause of this.
    The average doctor is an egomaniac fuckwit, it's very rare to find one that is not that. But they do exist, keep searching.
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    I still can't get sexually aroused or orgasm. Even with porn. My libido is still non existant. Basically nothinghas changed.
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    So how long have you actually gone without PMOing? When was the last time you watched porn? You'll never recover if you have withdrawal symtpoms and are peeling or relapsing on occasion it needs to be absolute teetotal.

    I went round in swings and roundabouts for five years and went nowhere. I'm 22 months not watching porn and everything is slowly and I mean sloooooowly getting better.
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