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  1. Twilightning

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    I started using porn at the age of 13 and during the next 4 years used it as my only sexual outlet. After developing an addiction I PMOd 4-5 times a day for 10 months and escalated to gay, transsexual, rape and even more extreme porn genres. After this 10 month period i was beacme unable to orgasm and get aroused by anything related to sexual stimuli.
    I have no idea how many days i spend on hard mode rebooting, many 3 months streaks and a 200 day hardmode period and even a whole friggin year without masturbation, pmo , relying only on nocturnal emission. I cant orgasm to porn, I cant masturbate to orgasm , I cant orgasm with a partner and even if i get an erection i dont feel nothing during sex. I have been living as an asexual for the last 5 years with no progress at all. No matter how many days I spend on hardmode rebooting I see no progress at all. Being around women and keeping social contacts with other people doesnt help me as well. Im in a better physical condition than I was ever before and exercise 4-5 times a week. I have completely forgotten what orgasms and libido feel like. With rewiring and rebooting having no effect at all , I have no idea if Im going to get better and spend the rest of my life as an asexual.
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    Just how much rewiring have you done?

    Have you had a significant block of consistent rewiring? Ie. >2x per week for an extended number of weeks?

    Keep in mind there are many who are requiring a full 2 years of no porn and very little M and then rewiring.

    I've read many, many rewiring accounts and it seems to all come down to finding your personal orgasm "refractory period" - that is the duration period required in between orgasms for optimal recovery. For some that has meant no orgasm while rewiring for a couple months having sex without orgasm and then slowly introducing orgasm... 1x O/month for awhile then 2x O/month for awhile and gradually build it.

    Why are you even testing if you can or can not orgasm to porn?

    How are your energy/motivation levels now compared to when you started the reboot and what is your morning wood like?
  3. Twilightning

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    I havent had an orgasm in years. Since i got problems because of porn use I couldnt and still can't orgasm at all. I just can't get an orgasm to begin with so you could say im in a permanent refractory period for several years.
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  5. Twilightning

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    Yes and it still didnt help me recover. Everyone here complains how bad their PIED is, but they can still orgasm and get aroused without problems and I#m really baffled about my situation. No one of the guys who recovered have posted having problems remotely simmilar to mine and I really have no idea if I'll ever get better.
  6. DonLorenzo69

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    You really should see a VERY professional doctor. There really might be something other going on with you.
    Are you saying that even with porn, you cant orgasm? No matter what you do? Going years without orgasm could maybe have put you down to a really really deep flatline, and orgasms could kickstart your libido?
  7. Twilightning

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    This problem appeared 2 months before my 18th birthday- around june 2011. After 1 year of hard mode abstinence, relying only on nocturnal emissions i decided to visit the most renouned doctors in my country. Urologist/ Andrologist, Endocrinologist, neurologist and a Sexologist. When they heard how old I am, they immediatly ''diagnosed'' me with psychological ED. Told me it's all in your head, there's no way in hell an 18 year old male would have any organic cause for sexual problems. Over the years everyone i have consulted/told about this has given the same diagnosis- psychological ED. Problem solved. Five years later i get the same dumb explanation every single time. My hormones are on normal lvls and I practive sports on a regular basis.

    As for orgasms, yes. It's not that i have gone years without orgasms,in reality Ive been unable ot orgasm for years. Not to hand stimulation, actual intercourse or PMO. Absolutely nothing works. To sum it up- I have been living in a 24/7 constant flatline since june 2011 ( 5+ years) with no libido , no arousal and no orgasm. I really have no idea if I'll ever get any improvements or if I'll spend my entire life feeling as an asexual eunuch.
  8. Fake it 'til you make it?

    The brain is the largest sexual organ. Going hard-mode is still only "passive" rewiring. Maybe you need to take a more "active" approach to this, and fake it 'til you make it?
    My thinking goes like this: maybe you need to "force" your brain to rewire to sexual stimuli again by brainwashing yourself with fake thoughts until they become real.

    For example, if you can't feel anything down there, tell yourself "this feels so good! I'm gonna cum!"
    Instead of thinking "This is boring", think "This is so exciting!"
    If the girl doesn't turn you on, tell yourself "wow, she looks so sexy!"
    Instead of thinking to yourself "I have destroyed my brain forever", think to yourself "My brain is healing and I am making progress day-by-day!"

    It's basically replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations, and exercising your imagination. Become an actor, and place yourself in the shoes of a person that can cum. Engage your imagination as much as possible, particularly with regards to physical sensation and emotion. It sounds like bullshit, but hear me out. You can imagine how a particular food tastes like. You can imagine what an itch feels like. You can imagine what anger or sadness feels like. So surely you can imagine what physical arousal and orgasm feels like. Perhaps you really do have psychological ED and your imagination is shutting down everytime your brain thinks about sex. Years of porn abuse has taught your brain to become lazy. And years of going hard mode hasn't helped, because it hasn't exercised your imagination muscles. Force your brain to imagine.

    Try meditation. Lie down, calm your mind, and let your mind imagine the sensations of arousal and orgasm. Be aware of the automatic negative thoughts and emotions as you try to do this. Do you feel frustration, anger, irritation? These are probably your mental blocks. Note these thoughts and emotions and try to let them go.
    Concentrate on imagining all the physiological processes that would happen during arousal. The fast heartbeat, the pleasurable warmth in the groin area that gradually spreads through your body. Spend time trying to imagine this every single day.

    This is just a stupid idea of mine, but it might work, who knows? Give it a try. Fake it 'til you make it.
  9. Oh, shit. Are you sure you're not exaggerating about that? The mental block may be because you believe you don't "remember" what arousal feels like. Try to remember!
  10. mikesmith201

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    and this

    seem contradictory to me. How are you getting aroused by anything related to sexual stimuli, but at the same time forgot what libido feels like?
  11. DonLorenzo69

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    Umm.. thats not what he said. He said that he cant become aroused by anything in both sentences.
  12. yoybr

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    If this is true, it is sad indeed. I say "if" because it seems extremely unlikely that your brain would be so unforgiving as to take you out of the game completely just because you wired to porn early on. After all, this complete lack of plasticity would be an evolutionary no-no of the highest order.

    Read this paper by James Pfaus to understand my point:

    I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but are you sure you aren't a troll?
  13. Twilightning

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    I can assure you, I'm no troll. I started this thread with the hope of getting some advice from someone who's had simmilar problems as me.
  14. Maya Mckenna

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    I'm sure he's no troll.

    Just a very severe case.

    It seems the only way to proceed from here is to find a partner and do some very intensive rewiring and waiting. Have you PM'd Gary Wilson, Twilightning?
  15. Twilightning

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    Whats the point in writing a message to Gary Wilson? Ive been following the YBOP site and have seen only 90 days life changing reports and not a single case simmilar to mine.
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    Six years no libido, no arousal, no orgasm, not even the smallest most insignificant improvement.
  17. Michael84

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    Do you want to say that you feel absolutely no arousal even while watching hardcore porn?
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  19. Michael84

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    If you don't want it, then live without it. Why bother about something you don't even want?
  20. Twilightning

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    I never said anything about not wanting it. I simply said I havent seen any kind of improvement for 6 years, despite going alltogether 2,5 on hard mode/monk mode.Ive wanted to see even the smallest improvemnt for the last six years, believe me that. It was my priority for so much time, even more than my studies and everything else. Unfortunately , I achieved nothing with wanting to improve and going hard mode for many months.

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