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  1. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    Hello all. I hav not relapsed even once in past 87 days.Overall in the last 160 days i hav masturbated only once. I have noticed the following effects on my body since i started NoFap
    1) My penis has changed its appearance it is more longer when it gets erected than wider.
    2) On some days my libido is quite good and i get erections easily to about 60 to 65 percent. on other days my libido stays very low.
    3) in this past 3 months i have been on hard mode no sexual images no fantasizing , no any touching of penis.
    4) In this past 87 days i have never felt too high a libido. It is usually little high for some days then goes down totally.
    5) Also at some point during this period i have never felt anything on kissingmywife or cuddling her. Things which erected my penis about 3 to 4 years back when my porn addictions were less.
    6) But lately in last week or so i can see i am getting 70 to 75 percent erections byforeplay which is a big change compared to 0 erections 3 months back with same things. My libido has gradually increased too in last 1 week. I definitely can see lots of changes in nofap.

    But i hav noticed one interesting thing. I dont notice my high libido unless i start kissing or cuddling. Then suddenly out of nowhere i get erections and i feel thecraving to do sex. But after a while it seems like my libido goes down again.And after a while when i start kissing then again my erections are good and after i finish kissing the libido goes down again. Is this normal? I am waiting for the daywhen my libido will be high even without sexual contact with a girl.

    Also now that i am seeing good erections but those erections only happen during some times. Like if i get close to my wife 5 times in a day then only 2 or 3 times iget good erections and feel good. The rest of the times my libido is low. Have u guys felt something similar?
    Also my morning erections are not back consistently. Would these b back 100 % once we are healed?

    Should i take ed pills and do sex at thistime? Wil taking ed pills upset my progess so far in last 87 days? Thanks guys.
  2. Mr RR

    Mr RR New Member

    Great going dude!!!keep going forward strongly!!!
  3. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    This is really tough for us men to go through. Having less urges really sucks. Right from childhood i have been filled with lust but in last 90 days or so i have become asexual. Feels like will never b able to do sex again. Sometimes i have foreplay and my erections happen 1 or 2 minutes after i finish foreplay. It seems brain signalling of dopamine has slowed down. Its really the scariest thing in life to go through. Just need to b as tough as we can
  4. shattered

    shattered Member

    I just want to say, this is similar my experience.
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  5. Gilmo

    Gilmo New Member

    How it's going bro? Please keep us updated on your progress.
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  6. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    Hello guys. I am close to 120 days now. I can see that my libido has significantly improved in last 2 weeks or so. My urges have definitely increased. I do get spontaneous morning erections but nowhere consistent. I had a wet dream 10 days ago where i ejaculated little bit. Definitely i am on the positive side. I have to save my marriage so i will start doing sex after 2 weeks or so. I thing my urges for porn and fetishes have disappeared so i can definitely say i hav improved a lot. But still unless i can do sex it means nothing. I had contacted noah church a while ago. He told me that i shld start doing sex slowly and not wrry abt failures. Will post once i am able to do sex successfully. I have to do it as my wifes parents and mine know about my problems and it will b extremely embarassing if i dnt perform.
  7. shattered

    shattered Member

    I am very concerned you are putting too much pressure on yourself to perform. You have to remember that there is nothing you can do. Your erection is a natural response that you don't really control.

    I recommend using Levitra or something at first.

    But just the fact that you are worried about your wife's parents and your parent's tells me you're under too much pressure.
  8. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    Thanks bro for ur supporting words. I really appreciate that. I think surely i will use viagra for first few time just yo get rid of performance pressure. But after all once u disvover this problem when ur married or in a relationship pressure is always there. Only reason i went to these porn habits and masturbating so much was because i had a break up with a girl i loved so much 4 years ago. When i was with her although i never did sex i could feel my urges were so so strong compared to now. All those 4 years of loneliness stress depression lead me to pmo habits. And now that same thing haunts me. I was so broken after the break up that i pmoed out of frustration many times. But i hav in last 4 months no matter how much frustration never pmoed. So thats an improvement. I think i need 2 to 3 months more to see considerable improvement.
  9. shattered

    shattered Member

    Just checking, have you ever taking an medications associated with ED problems?
  10. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    I tried once but it did not hav much effect as problem is in the brain. But i assume now since there is more stimulation in the brain and more urges viagra shoild help
  11. Yrotrt

    Yrotrt New Member

    Can you tell us about your PMO history ?
    Your age , when you started and when you stopped
  12. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    I am 29. Started pmoing since 14. Porn use only in last 4 years or so. I stopped 7 months ago. But hard mode no pmo only last 120 days.
  13. shattered

    shattered Member

    I was asking if you had taken any medications that may have caused the problem.
  14. Bpositive

    Bpositive New Member

    Nopes no medications
  15. shattered

    shattered Member

    Then, just abstain from MO, and you should be ok eventually. Not a doctor, but I think it's obviously worth trying.
    I've been trying for years. Not giving up.
  16. bobjes

    bobjes Active Member

    Hey Bpositive,

    Just came across this thread and thought to share with u as I went through a very similar trajectory as you. To give u a picture I am 50 years old, was addicted to porn well since 14... Currently 532 days PMO free (Just calculated, lol, I am amazed). P is not an issue anymore, a rarely engage in solo sex.
    It took me a good year of hardmode before I started feeling any sexuality in me. It was scary to feel asexual for such a long time. It seems you recovery is going faster than that which is great.
    What I really want to share is that sex and feeling lust is very different now. Rather than performance based (like porn) it is a much more somatic (physical touch) based. Like you describe when kissing your wife.
    How can you even expect for it to be the same as or similar to before your reboot? The brain will now go back to what it was supposed to be, touch based rather than visual based.
    Still I have to learn to trust my body more and more. Sometimes my cock does not come to the party, and that usually is when there is unresolved stuff between me and my partner.
    Sometimes when we make love I am anxious I do not have a hard on or scared I will loose it. Not helpful. Sometimes I have a hard on and don't even know it! I now let it go down if that is what happens focus on the physical sensations of kissing stroking etc. even concentrate on my breathing and I will relax, the body will take over and do what it is made for, lol.
    When I am relaxed and trust the flow I can be a sex god at times too. (-:
    But the experience is very different and actually heaps better than it was during the PMO days. And if sometimes it does not work, so be it...
    And paradoxically if I allow for it maybe not working and I am ok with that I rarely fail.

    I hope this helps and Wishing you the best time rewiring (-:
  17. shattered

    shattered Member

    This statement has been true for me.
  18. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Pls give an update bpositive

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