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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by james1985, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    Hey wilder, did you experience physical symptoms of the flatline like smaller package and dead dick feeling? If so how long was it and what was it like after it went away? Thanks man
  2. bbfib

    bbfib New Member

    I am out. Thankfully no PMOing but I have just spent an hour or more trawling through pictures on an online hookup site.
  3. NoMoreFap

    NoMoreFap New Member

  4. tdolanguage

    tdolanguage New Member

    Congrats to those who are still in! (I'm hanging on myself, but some days have been quite challenging!) We're nearly halfway through the month!

    To those who have had to restart, good luck restarting. I do think it's just as much about getting back started as it is continuing!
  5. Azz

    Azz Live Free.

  6. wilder

    wilder Member

    I did. I like the term "zombie dick" more but non-the-less I did endure dead dick when I was flatlining. That was a real bummer, although I have not had to deal with that in a while (thankfully). As for smaller package, I didn't notice anything. The thing for me was that my penis shrunk so much that my balls looked like they doubled in size - an illusion of the shrinking penis, I'm sure of that.

    As for how long I was flatlining, it was about 2 1/2 months of almost consistent flatlining. The only exception was for a one week period in August. Since then, it has been purely rewiring and restrengthening of my libido.
  7. Lysander

    Lysander Member

    Hey mates if you relapsed this month there is still hope. Don't give up ever. I started a 50 day PMO challenge that starts tomorrow and last until the new year. Check it out!
  8. gbs

    gbs Member

    Still in. Celebrate with me 100 days free from masturbation! I wouldnt believe that i could it.
  9. joelski

    joelski New Member


    I just hit the 30 day mark and feel amazing!!
  10. Acedia23

    Acedia23 Guest

    I'm out! Stay strong guys.
  11. tdolanguage

    tdolanguage New Member

    Congrats gbs! Killin it!
  12. Ablaze

    Ablaze New Member

  13. BrEak-Free

    BrEak-Free Member


    And good luck to you.Stay strong!!
  14. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    I'm happy to say I just reset my counter for the last time. OUT
  15. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

  16. tdolanguage

    tdolanguage New Member

    I was jus thinking today how thankful I am to have this forum, whether I succeed or suffer a setback. Rock on everybody, and hang in there!
  17. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    ahaha! That's how I looked after many of my relapses. Not this one though because I got it in the bag this time. I'm sure you are thinking ya right because I have said it 101 times but observe the counter and it shall never be reset... (until I reach my goal and have to change it or whatever)
  18. Vorag0

    Vorag0 Guest

    Damn, 2nd relapse in November. Edged for like 2 hours while trying to get back to sleep. Robbed me of a good night's sleep.
  19. MrEd

    MrEd New Member

    Damn, OUT :(
  20. FNM

    FNM New Member

    well out..... BUT, not out for good of course. Everyone else keep it going strong for your fallen brethren!

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