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    Ultimately yes I would say it comes down to willpower and discipline. You can always find something to fap to, even if you have blocking software. Even if you wear a chastity cage, you have to have the willpower to commit to something like that.

    Things like blocking software help with willpower and discipline, but ultimately you have to decide that you must abstain.
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    Is there a no fap march? ı Would like to sign up if possible
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    CJ93 - Yes you're right. I need to make that decision. that P is not part of my lifestyle. i have been getting around blockers and fapping to P substitutes. Thanks for the reminder. it's as simple as that, ultimately it comes down to self. i've got it in me, just need to use the tools better to deal with the urges

    Ok so here it is: I've decided no P, PMO, no getting my D out to P substitutes such as regular pics or movies, no getting D out or touching D when i'm in front of a screen. none of that for me. i know the benefits i get and will get without those things in my life. time to concentrate on them. more energy, connection to my friends and life, more motivation, more persistence, relaxed, no stress, better concentration, better sleep, more time for important goals and hobbies, far better sex and performance and connectedness to sex in that moment, more confidence and self esteem.

    it's up to me. it starts and ends with me. so i will use my will to beat the urges. build up the habit of no pmo etc in my lifestyle. blockers other habits and focus are all good but in a moment of weakness i need to realise the urges, accept them, deal with the root cause of the urges and let it pass. i can't succumb to them because i've found my self in a moment of weakness despite all the positive things around me. it's an excuse that despite the positive steps i've made that the urges still exist that i can lazily succumb to them.

    practice being self aware to build this streght through meditation >feel any pmo urge> find it's cause > acknowledge and deal with it's cause e.g. is there something i can do now to directly improve that situation e.g. make a phone call, start the work. etc possibly even relax before starting that by 5 mins of exercise, or listening to some good music, walking outside, getting up, deep breathing> chill out and be pumped because i've dealt with stressors productively and without harm and without pmo.


    @NeedHelp1 - yes there is a March no fap, on this Pornagraphy Addiction page. Be strong!

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