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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by jamesg29, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. jamesg29

    jamesg29 New Member


    Hi Guys,

    welcome to No fap February, I thought I'd create it a bit early, give people a chance to sign up. Well I really need this personally and hopefully it helps other people too. I will update this regularly.


    1. No PMO/MO until March. This includes edging (from a few seconds of testing to hours) and watching P, and/or any intentional relapses.

    2. Feel free to have sex. O with a partner is fine.

    3. Wet dreams do not count as you cannot control them. So no fantasizing beforehand to get a greater chance of achieving a wet dream or something similar.

    4. Entry is possible from now until the 10th of February. However, in order to join late, you must have stayed clean from January 1st 12:00AM. And no fapping on planes to exploit timezones.

    5. Your challenge starts retroactively from Feb 1st so if you have relapsed in February but before you enter you are unfortunately out.

    6. A signature counter/pmo spreadsheet is HIGHLY recommended.

    7. *Important: please post an update around the 25th if you haven't recently. If I don't hear from you from then till March 1st, it will count as being out, even if you haven't relapsed.

    8. Be honest if you relapse. Don't cheat yourself.

    Good luck everyone

    Monkey Magic
    coma white
    nature heals
  2. Big Boss Man

    Big Boss Man New Member

    I'm in - assuming those references to January should be February or I don't qualify!
  3. jamesg29

    jamesg29 New Member

    Ha yes, I will add you. I realised that after posting, oops. By the way, rally is an old interest of mine that I have revived, hence the picture. My favourite motorsport to watch, although it's hard to find coverage.
  4. Zellomugi

    Zellomugi Guest

    I am not entering now since I don't know if I'll relapse before February so I'll update and see if I'm still "in" when February comes.

  5. BryanHoward

    BryanHoward Keep your hands where I can see them

    Count me in. I need to focus on this month as I predict it will be a tough one - but a short one at least!

    james - enjoy the feeling of old passions coming back - this is no coincidence - embrace the hell out of them, they are the most positive corks you can find to stick in your p-hole.
  6. lozoo

    lozoo New Member


    loved the rally photo too. I agree jamesg29, it is the best motorsport.

    This is going to be my first full calendar month. so i'm pumped. plus at the end of february i'll be on my longest streak ever. will be 45 days by the time the 28th is done. plus got some goals of nailing my morning routine and doing more exercise i'm going to track on my journal.

    a lot to look forward to. Let's do this thing.
  7. mrlister

    mrlister New Member

    I'm in! Hope I will make it this months..
  8. Osa

    Osa New Member

    I'm in but with no sex either. Let's see how it goes this time.
  9. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    I'm in but what's edging?
  10. AlphaPhoenix

    AlphaPhoenix Member

  11. uzomaki.itachi

    uzomaki.itachi New Member

    Count me in

    Didn't succeed in the Jan challenge - hope I can make it for the Feb challenge :)
  12. louis

    louis New Member

    Two days to win the january challenge ; )

    i'm in to february!!
  13. shunt

    shunt Member

    In. January has been a disaster, and I can't afford february to be the same.
  14. Osa

    Osa New Member

    Things should be easier for me until July, but of course that just means I have till July to work on mysrlf to be ready for the tests then
  15. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    Damn man, no fap january complete. Sign me in. Onwards to 60 days.
  16. ClayJack93

    ClayJack93 New Member

  17. jtara

    jtara New Member

  18. GuitarGuy13

    GuitarGuy13 New Member

    I'm in! I only use a spreadsheet, no counters. You can check it with the links below. I modified it to meet my needs, so here are the different columns and what they represent so there is no confusion:

    PMO - Self explanatory

    MO - Self explanatory.

    RE - Random erections during the day (not morning wood)

    WD - Wet Dream

    MoW - Morning Wood

    GF - Short for M and/or O'ing, sex with girl / girlfriend / date
  19. fuvan

    fuvan Member

    i am in
  20. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    Well first monthly challenge was disaster to me, the author fapped
    I place my success to your hands! Dont risk it
    Im in

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