No Abusing Internet 5 Day Challenge 2/10 to 2/14

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by billrivers1234567889, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Who's in?

    The requirements are simple.

    If you're in you:
    1) Pledge to not do any activity which you would consider "internet abuse" from the time you sign up until 2/15

    2) Pledge to confess if you mess-up, and let us know what happened

    Additional details
    "Internet Abuse"
    - THis is like the p thing where "you know it when you see it" -- if you're on this forum too much, in an uncontrolled way, if you check the 'news', if you 'chat', facebook, really whatever it is for you. Another handy rule of thumb could be if you are spending time on the internet that would be better spent doing something else.
    - Work on the internet might be good, or might be bad, depending on how your using it, leave it to yourself to determine whether its 'abuse'

    Ok. Deep Breath...

    I'M IN.
  2. sangimangi

    sangimangi Guest

    Count me in
  3. Day 2:
    Barely made it through Day 1.
    For those that are doing this, make a list of benefits and challenges each time you log on. But, of course, if you don't need to log on, don't bother, just jump on at the end of 5 days -- I'll try and minimize time on this forum too.

    - Already very aware of the time I spend on rebalanced and elsewhere just from the one day
    - Very aware of what happens when I feel like I "need" to check the internet
    - Realize there's a slew of thoughts or stresses that I use the internet to run away from
    - Have a handle on how compulsive and pervasive this issue is.

    - Easy to 'edge' in the sense of choosing something practical to lookup (like, say, virtual assistants for work) and then using that to sort of engage in mindless trollish behavior
    - Other, somewhat less sinister, outlets still there (radio and newspapers)
    - Tempting to just say "ah f it" already

    Thanks for those who joined up.

    Leaving the forum now as I have stuff I should be doing.
  4. sangimangi

    sangimangi Guest

    This happens a lot for me. I will look up something legit and my brain will catch for straws and draw me in on it's "mindless trollish but certainly entertaining behavior". I have exempted YBR and work and useful(honestly) stuff from this media/internet reboot of mine. Am well aware of this "catching for straws" behavior and I mange to catch it at it's root/start.

    Good luck billrivers123456789
  5. Thanks RLB,

    Turns out I transgressed last night after having a few drinks -- PMO'd and then after that just thought 'what the hey' and abused internet. (see journal)

    However, I'm going to stick this out and get right back on and try to keep the challenge going for myself throughout the end of the 2/14.

    Good luck to you RLB and thanks for joining and the support.

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