NewsWeek Article: Is the Web Driving Us Mad?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Gary Wilson, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Active Member

    very good article - but never mentions the elephant in the room
    Is the Web Driving Us Mad?
  2. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    the media never mentions the elephant in the room, no matter what the elephant is
  3. whateverkid

    whateverkid Guest

    Sorry for being stupid but, what elephant?
  4. makebelieve

    makebelieve Member

    It reads: "Tweets, texts, emails, posts. New research says the Internet can make us lonely and depressed—and may even create more extreme forms of mental illness, Tony Dokoupil reports.

    The elephant missing here is PORN. The big motor behind the internet...
  5. jstr

    jstr New Member

    Seems amazing ( and sad ) that electronics have really taken over our interactions with each other. We all know how many times our face to face conversations with someone have been "cut off" by an electronic interruption ... talk about "Invasion of the Body Snatchers " ! I think "internet / computer / handheld " addiction rehab programs are going to be the wave of the future ....
  6. Overload

    Overload New Member

    I know i need to limit my internet usage, but this article really woke me up on a new level. Thanks for sharing this article Gary.

    It “fosters our obsessions, dependence, and stress reactions,” adds Larry Rosen, a California psychologist who has researched the Net’s effect for decades. It “encourages—and even promotes—insanity.”

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