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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Joesoap, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Hello Friends. Just discovered this website and yes I am an ED sufferer looking for answers.
    First a bit about myself.
    I am 58 married to a 43 year old ,really beautifull and sexy little blond girl with a fantastic
    body for 25 years.About the time we got married porn and the internet just became available
    to us here in South Africa. About 20 years before that we got television for the first time .
    I am married to a wife that never denied me anything ever.I behaved like a spoilled brat
    throughout my life and over indulged in the extreme in everything. Nothing in moderation ever
    for me.
    Offcourse I immediately took to porn like a duck to water. I had enough energy to completely
    indulge in porn and the wife everyday of my life no problem. Afterall I had it under control
    and no problem for me (or so I thought ) About a year ago I realised I am starting to have
    some serious erection problems. A real shock to me. My age I could do nothing about. Wife and I
    really love each other. The weight piled on over the years and I decided to seriously make
    some drastic lifestyle changes in my life. The porn stayed though.The wife and I still carried
    on having fun and enjoying each other just minus the erection on my side. Past year I have lost
    27 kg . Feel fit and healthy but still no erection.I can actually climax a few times in a evening
    without an erection. I am constantly still horny for my wife but nothing is happening downstairs.
    Spend hours doing research on the internet and is how I discovered this website. After reading
    and learning from other members stories here everything just clicked for me and became clear
    to me.I was uncontrollably addicted to sex,porn and masturbation.
    So yes I am serious about starting this journey back to some form of normality and hopefully
    regaining some degree of an erection. Thank you to all the members here for opening my eyes with
    their stories.
    Excuse my grammar as english is not my first language.
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  2. NCBob

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    You've come to the right place, Joesoap. Glad to have you here:)
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  3. @Joesoap, welcome. This site has helped me immensely. Read and research as much as you can. Though I feel a little silly saying that since that's how you found us! Post often. Read and reread. Share your experiences with others. One of the most helpful tools in this journey is helping others. You'll learn about yourself in the process. Good luck!

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    Welcome sir. Glad to have you aboard.
  5. Billy B.

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    Yes, yes, welcome, J.
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    Hi Joesoap, I am also new to this site. After reading your story, I think you have a couple of really strong advantages. First you have a stable marriage and you and your wife are in love with each other. That is beautiful and inspiring. Second, you have already demonstrated extraordinary self-control to be able to get your weight under control. You've proven that when you put your mind to it, you can make a major lifestyle change. I am currently trying to take some weight off myself and would be interested in hearing how you did it. Thank you for posting and I hope we can be of some mutual encouragement.
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