1. Xanman19

    Xanman19 New Member

    I’m new here. I found this site searching for answers on why my erection won’t last for a while. I haven’t been to the doctor about ED or anything but I have had instances when I couldn’t get up. Any help ?
  2. Kichijiro

    Kichijiro New Member

    Hi Xanman. This is coming from another new YBRer. I would say to look around at what people are saying and measure whether it rings true for you. I lately have been wondering if I really developed PIED b/c I know I could have gotten off just from stimulation, no porn or fantasy, when I quit PMO 43 days ago. Now unfortunately I am not sure I could! (Things have been really dead down there.) However, I wonder if PIED is a range of symptoms people can experience. I suspect my symptoms of disappeared spontaneous erections and only partial erections during intimacy point to my porn use. But I do not know for sure. Definitely looking forward to more research being done on this issue (as it clearly will with the continued decrease in quantity and quality of sex for Americans)!

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