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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by ZeeBawn, Feb 22, 2022.

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    Feel good about life today. I am realising that being on the fence when it comes to standards for one's own conduct in relationships and spiritual morality is counter productive. I need to be fully invested in the philosophy I follow and not allow for it to be muddied by others in order to fully proceed on a course of action. For instance, if I am in a particular religion or faith, I must engage fully with it. If I believe in sowing my seeds and not being monogomous, I must be open about that as well.
    I also believe that sexuality should neither be repressed nor recklessly pursued. I must accept my desires but within a framework of understanding that it is an investment into anothet person, even for that brief moment. If I feel attraction to a woman, I must be honest and open about it. Just some thoughts..
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    Clean, just for today, will go meet some people from work and then also go to gym afterwards. I feel the weight of my past bearing down on me, but also seeing how the heaviness in my soul bears down on others. Just want to sleep, but have an online meeting witha client in 45minutes and another in person meeting later before I have to meet my training partners.
    I desire love and affection, but trying to feel the truth of being single and find meaning in that.
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    That's quite an insight, ZeeBawn. Just as our positive attitude is infectious, so can our negative (heavy) ways also affect others. You are seeing things clearly!
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