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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Deleted User, Jul 19, 2015.

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    I'm 24, I started masturbating since I was 15, and when I was 18 I started to watch porn daily and masturbating many times per day.
    To tell all the damages that happend becuase of that, I need months of writings, it's really a tragedy.
    I can't tell more, I must get rid of this problem, otherwise something which is very bad will happen.
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    Welcome man,
    reboot is not only about abstain by porn,is a life journey.Maybe you use porn to cope with negative emotions or situations,you have to re-learn an healthy way to deal with the problem of life.
    You will learn a lot about yourself and others,reboot is a new chance.
    My advices are to read articles on and the gary wilson's book.Read the success stories here and most important thread (i suggest to you to search "No arousal method").
    About neuroplasticity the 2 books of Norma Doidge are great.Other great books (I think they are a must for Paddicted) are "No More Mr Nice Guy!" and "The slight edge".
    Go to the gym,exercise (even a walk) every day,read,learn new stuff,talk to people and do things.
    Quit P,P substitues like sexy video music or bikini pics and quit fantasize about them.

    Remember that bad times will come,very bad but this reboot works and worths.You will learn a lot doing things and observing yourself.

    Good luck!
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    Is it normal to keep struggling in this addiction for almost 4 years?! (see the date of my first message).
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    Hey man, I've been in this forum since 2012 (I deleted my first journal ). So I have been in this forum for 6 years, and I am still struggling with this addiction. I've seen people able to just kick the habit in 90 days, others a couple years. There is different levels and intensity to the addiction, I believe that the ones still struggling with it have a deeper addiction than others. So I wouldn't use the term "normal" or "usually". I believe that if you keep fighting and want to beat this addiction, you will. I am still here, and you are still here. So let's do this.
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    I've struggling with this about as long as you have. It's more than just kicking a habit. As stated in an earlier post it's about relearning a healthier lifestyle.

    Someone who's abstained for 7 years but binges on sugar and videogames is no better than someone who's been at this for 2 years and hasn't had a streak longer than 4 days.
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    Yea, we won't give up, untill we win or we die. Thanks for your words.
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    Yes, I toally agree with you.
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    It's a struggle, it can take us years or months. Whether or not how long it takes is irrelevant we all fight the good fight. Just keep pushing to take back control of your life day in day out and eventually things will change for the better.

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