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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by TheAndersMan, Nov 24, 2012.

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    icandothis100, Yes you can do this! Kicking this addiction is a tough road that takes a lot of education and determination but it can be done! Go to Your Brain on Porn website and learn, read, watch the videos. Check out the "must read threads" for much information and education. Many good links there. Get involved on this forum. Start a journal if you haven't already. If you relapse, don't waste time getting down on yourself, just get right back at it, learn what you can from it and keep going. Everyday without porn is a good day and helps in the rewiring process. Stay involved on the forum, even if… especially if you're having a tough time of it. Cheers!

    AndersMan, I hope you're doing well! Cheers to you as well! -ASG
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    Hi Guys. ASG, good to hear from you.
    Happy new year guys!
    icandothis100, porn is the worst thing that ever happened to me. My best wishes to you as you walk away from it! I'll be taking a look at your journal.

    I've been gone a long time. since summer I think, pushing 150ish days.

    I'm doing well. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.

    Now, to any of my Christian friends out there, please do me one favor. Someone just take a minute to tell me the sweet story of Jesus Christ one more time. I want to hear the gospel again!
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    Glad to hear! 150+ In one word…. love.
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    Hi, I just saw your request :)

    So here it is a little about the gospel. I actually am just copy pasting from my last post on my journal.


    Jesus brought a new law (new testament). Actually, he added unto the first one (old testament). The first one had to exist because it is a basic foundation. It is the line between good and wrong. Bad and evil. And old testament shows us how God wants us to obey him and some of the things from the old testament actually passed away, such as sacrificing animals for covering of our sins, because that was all a shadow of what was to come. Jesus Christ. His sacrifice not only covers but WASHES AWAY our sins. We are made without sin, and we through the process of following Jesus and praying , we also are SANCTIFIED. Which means that we become more holy and more like Him, so that we DO NOT SIN ANY MORE! Sin can not enter heaven.

    BUT we still have to fulfill the NEW COVENANT. We still have a FREE WILL. We can choose what we want. If we don't follow and obey Jesus, then it is for us as if Jesus never came and we can then not enter heaven.

    Read the 4 gospels in the NEW TESTAMENT. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Every time you learn something new.
    I invite everyone to read it. It actually quite short. It's like a very very short book.

    The "new" law still contains the old rules and hard laws BUT it brings "common sense".
    It brings God's love into play. And it brings his mercy to those who are HUMBLE.
    If you seek Him with your whole heart you will find him.

    We fulfill the new law by being FILLED WITH LOVE. And by WALKING IN FAITH. Just like Abraham did. He had a promise that his son would have a big posterity, but then God told him to kill him , sacrifice him. And Abraham had such strong faith that he would do it and he probably believed that God could resurrect Isaac, his son, and that is a beautiful shadow of what came to pass, when God's son, Jesus Christ came into the earth and was sacrificed for us.

    You will need faith. Many times there will be a hard test. Something you know that is right that you must do. And then you just have to have faith and DO IT! And only THEN, will God reward you. Rewards come after our faith is realized.

    So faith and love.

    Read about it in: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7:

    It says in the bible: Against such there is no law.
    Because Love fulfills the law.

    So, if we want to be saved by Jesus, we have to follow him. There is no other way. He calls himself the way the truth and the life. We cannot have this love if don't have the Holy Spirit. For this love is the FRUIT of that Holy Spirit.

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    Just saying Hi!

    I think im gona start posting again.

    Hope to see you start too.
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    Hey MNP; thanks for the encouragement Supersonic - amazing love (that's an old hymn btw); Nice to meet you, ATG.
    Certainly wishing everyone a happy summer.

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