New journal! Starting on day 1.

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by foxtrotsmith, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. foxtrotsmith

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    I've tried to reboot a bunch of times. Each time I relapsed. Not happy!

    But I've decided to take the steps necessary to kick this jerk of a habit (see what I did there?)!

    I've always been fit, and I've been lifting and working out all year, but now I'm going to become a health nut and a more avid reader.

    I also deleted my browser and new app access on my smartphone, and I have a browser filter on my mac. And, I'll try to post errday up in here. (Having YBOP open whenever I'm online should be a good deterrent).

    A little background on me now: I'm 22, a recent college grad, and ready to have my raging boners back! This spring I experienced (what I think was porn-induced ED) when I was hooking up with a girl. She was the only girl I hadn't gotten hard with. She did have huge nipples, which is a big turnoff for me, but it was a big shock to me nonetheless.

    So, here I am! Having failed at multiple reboots, I'm intent on being "cured" by the New Year.
  2. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the club. We'll be here if you need us.
  3. Good luck man! I'm starting over myself right now too. We can both do this!

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