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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by FreedomIsKind, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I am new here. Learned about YBOP from a friend three days ago. That website blew my mind. After reading it for a while, I realized that pornography is not the heart of the matter. Addiction, in all of its various shapes and forms in modern society is. Food, media, music, gaming, journalism… The implications are truly mind-blowing. I have not felt this way since the first time I read about evolutionary theory.
    However, right now I am focusing on how this can help me. My personal use or abuse of porn was never as bad as most of the cases on YBOP or the journals here. My internet addiction is horrible, though. Last week I browsed the net for 24 hours, not counting YouTube videos or downloaded material. It is way, way too much, but I do recognize the signs of addiction from YBOP. The restlessness and urge to sit down before the screen, ignoring obligations, cleaning, food, sleeping hours. Lack of focus, reduced ability to concentrate. It is terrible, and it’s been my life for years.
    I am very happy that YBOP directed me to this forum. I decided to register as a member after reading how serious you people are about getting better. But right now I’m not sure what to do. So far this is where I’m at:
    I deleted my porn, apart from the ‘good’ folder, that is zipped and need 48 minutes to unzip. I hope that that will keep me away from it. (Why do I keep those pictures? I don’t know, really. A feeling of safety, maybe?). I have made only one rule about masturbation: No erotica, written or pictorial, for the next looooong time. Don’t know how long, this is new for me.
    I used at least 4.5 hours on facebook last week. So today, I announced a 10-day break from FB. Let’s see how that pans out. I’m curious if I’ll drop out of my social circles or not during the hiatus.
    Apart from that, I’ll try to spend more time away from my computer. This is all very new for me. But I am trying to create serious change in my life.

    Wish me luck, gentle people.
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    Welcome Freedom Is Kind,
    This is a great place be, at least it has been for me. I found education and support and try to support others.
    It would be good to read this post and it's links to begin with:
    Good luck to you... but it's not luck, but determination with support from this forum that is helping me.
    Cheers, ASG

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