New Finding Calls Into Question Assumptions About Sexuality (our latest PT post)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Gary Wilson, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Gary Wilson

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    New Finding Calls Into Question Assumptions About Sexuality
    Experience, not childhood or genes, configures individual reward-circuit wiring

    It's a bit technical, but it needed to be written, as the meme is that our sexuality is set, and escalation with porn use reveals your true self, rather than using alters your true self.

    The new finding surprised everyone - its that the reward circuit is highly malleable. That means this ancient circuit is rewired by experience - especially during adolescence.
  2. e7

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    Interesting article.

    "The finding also brings into question the popular assumption that what one finds sexually rewarding is innate and cannot be consciously molded during adolescence or adulthood."

    Does this mean we can 'choose' what we like? I know a lot of people here do exactly the opposite because in their brain they just crave for extreme amounts of dopamine. Can you change sexual preference if you consciously act to do so? What about homosexuals, I've read their brains are physically different from heterosexuals. Should they be able to mold their taste?

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