Never took internet Addiction seriously, I was wrong!!!

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by hope2overcome, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Holy shit. Whenever I turn on my laptop and check out youtube, facebook or any other media sites. I end all my plans and just lie on bed with my laptop on my stomach for hours and hours. This is a sure fire way to waste my life.

    Here is what I will do to mend this issue,

    So, I will limit my internet consumption everyday. I will make sure to use it for educational and useful purposes. Also I am gonna reframe my internet use such that I will consider I am in the present moment observing myself using the internet. I will additionally, not try to get so sucked into it. Lastly, I want to make youtube videos which i am sure I will do after I get a job and am secure. It is better to be apart of what your consuming rather than be a 3rd party observer.
  2. the internet is designed to foster lusers and not users
    it is used predominatly for porn, gaming, streaming shit (games :D), shopping and "social" media which is fake life
  3. urgesarehell

    urgesarehell Member

    The Internet is killing us
  4. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    I don't think so. There is just a lot of content on the web which is a very good thing. We can't blame it but we have to limit our use of it. Imagine an internet tomorrow that did not have much, would you be happy with that?
  5. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    I realized my sluggishness, slowness, laziness, procrastination, lack of social comfort, etc wasn't merely due to porn use but rather due to an unregulated internet usage. When I surf endlessly without aim social media such as facebook, youtube I feel inebriated, no lie. Also think about it this way, is it healthy for a person to be sitting slouched for 2-3 hours without motion? That's exactly what we are doing and on top of that we are gazing into a computer screen without trying to blink for that duration of time. Therefore, we experience dry eyes and other issues.

    Today is day 1 of limiting internet usage and I was surprisingly super succesful. Now, I am impulsively talking to people. I react without even thinking about it. But, the problem is my voice is super low and super quiet. That is due to the MO session.
    I used the internet only for studying and watched like 20 minutes of youtube only for bball highlights. Feels great having control over myself.
  6. i dont say the internet is bad (it is a thing, how can it be bad?)
    but the reality is that most people just watch porn, series, gaming streams or visit online shops, facebook, twitter or just play videogames
    and if you are going to tell me that that is a great thing we have different opinions
  7. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    It's a great thing but we have to control our consumption of it. And spend most of our time outside of it unless its for something useful.
  8. i agree with you

    there are so many important and interesting topics that could be discussed through the internet regarding politics/science/environment and we waste our time and energy for consumption of things that dont matter at all

    so many people spend too much time playing video games, shopping shit, binge watching series instead of interacting and doing things that they like

    i dont think you have to control the actual consumption in terms of time but in term of content (for yourself)
  9. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Yeah, we have an agreement there.

    Today was another great day because I actually used my laptop to study some. I did spend about 3-4 hours on mindless youtube searching but the rest of the time I was afk. Didn't do much socializing with strangers but baby steps. Being away from laptop and fixing negative beliefs in me have made me happier. I literally walk around with a smile on my face. :)
  10. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    I hear you man. I keep checking news sites day in and day out, as if I am afraid to miss out on any news.
    The news is filled with negativity (wars, famine, human suffering in general) and all I do is feel bad about it. This behaviour has to stop. It's crippling poison.
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Very true I used to think it was all porn although porn is dangerous the inter is also harmful if used improperly.
  12. urgesarehell

    urgesarehell Member

    I'm using K9 and Leechblock (Firefox). Previously used Chrome but it was buggy with K9 on certain sites like Youtube, so I switched to Firefox and deleted Chrome. Regulating my Internet usage is seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  13. pieterarons15

    pieterarons15 Member

    I have a problem with youtube after the election of america i started watching reactions of the election

    and funny rage from social justice warriors an the retard protestesters against trump its funny however i watched my entire day these video's
  14. urgesarehell

    urgesarehell Member

    What are they even protesting? I see protesters calling Trump a dictator, but he was democratically elected into office. The people chose him. If you replace him even after he won, that's no different then rendering the entire democratic process worthless. They might as well install a real dictator then.

    I never even liked Trump. He always came across as an entertainer to me, but American presidential elections are like a reality TV show anyway. It's just that after an entire year of the blatant media bias against him and the pro-Hillary pandering, I got a real satisfactory feeling seeing Hillary Clinton go down. CNN also did a very good job rigging the results of the Clinton vs. Sanders debate.
  15. pieterarons15

    pieterarons15 Member

    Its funny that they protesting against democracy but they want to remove trump as president
    But like i said i spend moren then 2 days waisting my time watching these video's internet is harmfull sometimes yes

    Olso trump isn't racist a lot of latino's and black guys voted for him he is against illegal immigrants and radical islam.
  16. urgesarehell

    urgesarehell Member

    The upper-middle class intellectual elites in the Ivies and Silicon Valley have their heads too far up their asses to understand what problems concern the average American citizen. Hillary Clinton was basically a representation of the establishment and the status quo (backed up by mass media); the same people who brought us the housing market crash in 2008 and then brushed it off as a temporary recession. We can go on-and-on about LGBT issues, feminism, racism, global warming, etc. but the reality is, most people's foremost concern is simply having a job to feed their family with.
  17. Agree. I use to be a phone and internet addict, overcame it and now it boggles my mind when I walk around and see people face deep in their phones or laptops for hours.....they look like zombies!!! Whereas when you see someone just sitting and taking things in, or people talking to one another you can almost feel the energy.
  18. BackOnTrack

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    I think mental illnesses and shit are spreading because of the internet. It's stressing people out, the internet never sleeps. I also think smart phones are a problem, since any second anyone could contact you or you could do some pointless stuff on it.
    Right now as I'm typing this I actually should be doing something useful. ;-)
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