Never Give Up Giving Up

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  1. So the first time i tried giving up PMO was 5 or 6 years ago, i can't remember for certain. I think i did it as a new years resolution and only lasted 22 or 23 days. That was without joining a forum or anything like that. Yesterday i broke my streak on the 51st day. About twice as long as last time. Had started stroking and just had to keep going, until finally it was too late. Fortunately i only looked up nudity, not actual porn, and dived into my fantasy. In retrospect i realize now that even stroking, doing something pleasurable like that releases dopamine and those kinds of chemicals, i guess like a drug i just really wanted more and more of what i was giving myself a taste of again.

    This thread will be similar to my old one, but more random. This won't be day by day. I might post here frequently, or with days in between. I'm going for another round to let go of PMO and really help myself. It would have been very easy to lie on the old thread too, but i said i was going to be honest to myself, so that is what i'll continue to do. I do feel bad about falling from 50 days, but here's a new thread and another chance.

    I'm starting this thread at 0 today because today is when i broke my last streak. Hopefully this time tomorrow i can mark off another day.
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  2. So i made it through day one. Quite happy about that actually, that it was this easy. Hopefully i'm not speaking too soon. Here's to a total reset.
  3. Reset time again. I busted another one. This time i was fully aware and actually wanted to do that. I was just curious of how much i could arouse myself after a few days, and i had a few other questions for myself that i now know the answers to, so, here's to another go.
  4. So that's about six days done now. The first few days were a bit tough, but things are slowly starting to get better again. Got morning wood again within a few days, so hopefully this will get better and better now.

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