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    Hey guys

    I'll post my blog from reuniting on here Eventually so you can see my backstory/progress

    as of now I am at day 73. Still going through the highs and lows period. I initially started having a few good days here and there somewhere around day 36ish. The frequency of good days has increased without a doubt. I recently posted how great things were going,however I am having a shit day as of now. Feeling depressed;don't have that extroverted/joking feeling. To make things worse, the small stuff has been eating at me today. One of my friends who I don't rly like anymore (if you know that situation) was getting on my nerves so badly today that I literally had to leave where the group of us were hanging out.

    I consider myself to be a "slow healer" since I started the whole pmo thing around 12-13 and have never had successful sex or gotten hard from making out with a girl. I feel like I'll need 120+ days to be "cured". After reading ybop accounts, my day 73 is competable to some people's 21-30.

    Here is a list of the benefits I have seen so far in general, good days or bad:

    -more energy
    -girls are becoming less and less sexual objects and more into people
    -this makes interacting with them easy. Before the whole pmo thing started I was very good with girls so i want to get back to thy state
    -started working out
    -started meditating
    -started to read for pleasure
    (these 3 I could never do while pmoing)
    -general anxiety is disappearing, almost gone not yet. I used to wake up feeling umbelivable anxious not anymore.
    -less irritable
    - girls look much more attractive

    the beneits that come and go with good and bad days are:
    -return of natural sense of humor
    -sex is barely on my mind(obsessive sexual thoughts seem to make me anxious)
    -very extroverted
    -conversations flow naturally; not constantly analyzing my behavior.
    - interactions with woman become effortless

    I feel like my limbic system still has some ways to go before it's completely back to normal but it's getting there. Girls started to stop looking like sex objects,which made me nervous and awkward recently,but this comes and goes. Looking forward to the future, can't wait for the ups and downs to clear out.
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    Hey Needhops,
    I am also on reuniting.( I think the site doesn't work now so I can't share the link)
    My Reboot is about 82 days in which I have relapsed 3 times , so it is like this : 45days-11days-18days but I didn't make a break in between them, I always continued abstaining after a relapse.
    I have also tried to stop P,M,O and F as much as possible but I can say that I have at least achieved 82days of not watching porn.
    The problem is that I'm also a "slow-rebooter", although I had great benefits around the 2nd and 3rd week. But after this they never came back again and I even did it more strictly in the last weeks! I am not sure if I just need more time or if I have forget something.
    For example, now I notice if I am playing games, watching TV or PC my acne gets a bit worse. But if I leave them out for a day it only gets slightly better. In my best phases (2nd and 3rd week) my benefits came very fast if I did the right things and disappeared also that fast if I do the wrong things ( porn etc.).
    The benefits which I had at my best phase are :
    -Great confidence
    -beautiful skin
    - deep, powerful voice ( which was actually so amazing that you don't even imagine to think pessimistic. It doesn't even matter what you say,it always sounds great like you would be THE alpha)
    and all the other things which you have already listed up .
    Did you try to avoid PC/TV/Games or do you know some facts about the influences on a rebooter?
    Here is my journal on this site:

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