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    Hello everybody.
    Quick background before problem: I married 1.5 years ago. I hadn't had intercourse before I married. I had been addicted to porn for (maybe more) 10 years before I married. So naturally I had problems with ED and DE.
    > Quitting porn and masturbation cut my ED problems in a major way. But I have a consistent problem: Delayed Ejaculation.

    > I've been able to ejaculate inside of my wife twice. I had to close my eyes and FANTASIZE my wife's family or friends (even writing this here is freaking disgusting)

    I started to think that FANTASY is more of a bigger problem than porn itself. Because I fantasize about other people A LOT. It is usually about real people but close ones. I guess you know what I mean.

    I want your advices to this problem. How can I stop fantasizing and rewire my brain to my wife? :( I love her so much but not being able to ejaculate really frustrates me. I'm really sad...
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    Hi toomanymany,

    it sounds like you are getting overly aroused by thoughts and fantasies.
    I've had problems with fantasies as well.

    What helped for me is talking about what I am experiencing during the sex - telling I am not connected with my partner, having other impulses, that drive me away from being with her.
    Also, the No arousal method ( ), worked wonders for me.

    And what else... just trying various ways to rewire, and keep sharing with you wife.

    Good luck.
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    When did u heal ur ED do u think?

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