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    Hi All,

    I am a 36 year old married guy and have a big problem. I've used porn since I was about 12 or 13 everyday without fail. I've always had trouble getting erections with a real partner, and my GP put me on Viagra at the age of 24. For over 10 years I've been dependent on Viagra to get erections with partners (without their knowledge) and I've recently quit using it because I know it's a crutch and dependency.

    I need to quit the porn addiction and reboot in order to be present, happy and functioning with my wife. This is the only area of our relationship that has always sucked and it needs to stop.

    Does anyone have any advice? Guess I'm just looking to guys who had or have similar experiences to get support. I cry myself to sleep sometimes knowing what this is doing to my life and relationship. Can I right the ship here?

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    Cut off porn for sure. Try jelqing. Start with 5 minutes after warm shower. Week by week add just one minute. Dont overdo it. More doesnt mean better. 2-3 days on 1 off. Also kegels are important. Both reverse and front. If you ejaculate more than 2 times per week reduce it.
    Simple as that. It will make your dick much healthier, more alive.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Perhaps you might enjoy this free ebook. It's not perfect, and I have issues with bits of it, but it's an easy read and may help you change your attitude to porn.

    I don't know much about jelqing but I've heard bad things about it.
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    As I said. Dont overdo it. There are guy s doing one hour of jelqing or even more. I agree this can damage their friends. They just dont know what they are doing.
    I forgot to add that you should never do jelq when erected. 30-60 of erection is ideal.
    If you want know more visit PeGym. Its forum about penis enlargement. Its nice community. Really not just sexual maniacs, or porn addicts. Ok this addiction lead me to that forum. You will find there as well is PornFree90 section. And most users there advocate not watching porn.
    Im sure that its best place for men to talk about sex and related topics.
    But there might be triggers. Like real life sex stories.
    Not recommended if someone is doing hardmode. But for OP it will be goldmine.

    Just found this topic:
    Its safe, no triggers. This should encourage you to stay clean.
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