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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Tony Patel, Feb 5, 2022.

  1. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    Been watching porn since I was 12. Discovered masturbating when I was 13. It's been downhill ever since. I'm 26 now, time to get better. Will be using this thread as daily updates.

    I tried this once before, right before the pandemic started. My outlet was going to the gym and/or hanging out at a friend's place if I ever had urges so it got a lot harder a lot faster.

    I don't like how my urges have been demanding kinker and kinker stuff and I feel like throughout the pandemic, that descent has gotten worse over time.

    This is my first day, I hope as I get through this I can refocus my life into a better direction.
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  2. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    Day 2:

    Didn't have that many urges, mainly because I was able to distract myself with playing video games and doing chores all day. Tomorrow is what I'm not looking forward too since I'll be working and bored but won't be able to leave my desk. I cleared my laptop, so no more porn there which is nice.

    I'm trying to think on what tools can help me with this. Porn blockers are the obvious ones, need to look into what are the recommended ones. I also want to get into meditation. It's something I did as a kid but stopped as I started high school.

    The gym near me opens up again starting tomorrow so hopefully my journey won't be AS difficult as I first imagined. I am going to end this day with some late night jogging. Hoping to have good news for the end of day 3.
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    Bestrongnopmo Member

    Good luck man
  4. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    Thank you!
  5. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    Day 3:

    As expected, much worse than yesterday but probably not as bad as I thought.

    Today was frustrating since the current project I'm working on at work is going nowhere since the client has no idea what they actually want, to the point where I got a stress headache. It was very hard to focus that frustration but I started just leaving my desk more. Before I would just open up some porn and masturbate but getting up and putting that energy into something else (cleaning, exercising, or just picking up a book for a quick 10 minute read) seemed to be barely good enough.

    Later on in the day I started having pictures of the really weird hentai I would jerk off too flash into my head and made it really hard to focus but I was able to push through. I'm hoping tomorrow is a bit easier, hopefully work won't be so bad and I can actually do something instead of just stare at my computer screen for 8 hours while doing incredibly menial and boring tasks.
  6. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    End of day 3:

    Ended up relapsing at the middle of night...

    Not sure what happened, woke up at around 12 am and couldn't resist the urge. I kept my phone in my bedroom which I normally don't do but I needed to get up earlier than usual today so I set an alarm, but that ended up being my undoing. If I had to walk all the way down to the entrance to get it I'm sure I would have at least gotten some reason by then...

    I need to see if I have a device that can set up an alarm that doesn't have an internet connection for at least the beginning of this so I don't succumb so easily.
  7. Tony Patel

    Tony Patel New Member

    Starting over again...
    Yesterday was all around horrible. Almost ended up losing my temper with said client from the last post but I obviously can't do that so I ended up really stressed out. Maybe I just need to stop taking calls with this client

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