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    Hello everyone, New member here. I am here to better my relationship with my girlfriend, on an emotional and sexual level.

    I used to ejaculate due to penetrative sex just fine. My gf and I were both satisfied. But, As of recent I have developed a nasty porn addiction as well as death grip syndrome, which in turn has given me DGS as well. While I have been staying away from porn, masturbating is a lot harder for me. I can go a few days at max without masturbating, and when I do i have lighted my grip. I plan on making it a week.

    I apologize for the extensive useless info dump, But I figured it was best to make my intentions clear. I have done a little bit of research into flashlights and how it helped cure DGS, but I would like some direct answers and testimonies as well.

    I really want to fix this problem, because I know that if I don't, I won't have a girlfriend anymore.

    Thank you for your time, as well as your comments.
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    If you stop deathgrip and stop porn as much as that is possible for you. You should get more sensitive again.

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