Need serious help to overcome this absolutely disguisting habit

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by BusbyBabe, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. iamsick

    iamsick New Member

    come on brother, you can do it!
  2. jnjjn

    jnjjn Member

    Wow....That hit me hard....I needed this reality check....I really don't want to be here next year... I won't!!!! Ima stop playing and tell my parents and friends i need help.
  3. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I've gone back to my old disguisting habits. I seriously from today need to start all over again, renew my intentions because at this rate I will never ever quit. Porn is taking over my life and its an absolute fucking joke. I swear from today I will stop. I know it!!! I won't let this addiction make me perish.
  4. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    It's been about 5 days since I last PMO'd and I'm going towards my goal of 90 days! It's been easy so far apart from yesterday when the urges were very high but I controlled myself! I really hope I can push on from here and get this addiction out of myself! Thanks for the help on here everyone - will try to post every 5 days.
  5. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    Though I'd post today because I've been controlling some real urges to masturbate today! Not watch porn - I've started getting turned on by real girls.
  6. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I masturbated today but without Porn. Does that set me back?
  7. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    Masturbated today to a video of a hot girl. I'll count that as a reset :( I beat my week record now. My next aim is atleast 1 month. Let's hope I don't reset again.
  8. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I'm masturbating like once every 2 days without porn and I need to stop that! Been 18 days since I watched porn but I need to commit to stopping masturbation aswell!
  9. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I reset today after 20 days. Not a good feeling at all but this will drive me onto success hopefully and let's pray that I can reach that 90 days benchmark! Thanks to everyone on here supporting me!
  10. Alphaman

    Alphaman New Member

    4 years have passed.

    Anyone still stuck here?
  11. breath

    breath Member

    If you get a girlfriend you'll want to be with her a lot more than alone fapping...

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