Need serious help to overcome this absolutely disguisting habit

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by BusbyBabe, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    It's been about 5 days since I last PMO'd and I'm going towards my goal of 90 days! It's been easy so far apart from yesterday when the urges were very high but I controlled myself! I really hope I can push on from here and get this addiction out of myself! Thanks for the help on here everyone - will try to post every 5 days.
  2. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    Though I'd post today because I've been controlling some real urges to masturbate today! Not watch porn - I've started getting turned on by real girls.
  3. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I masturbated today but without Porn. Does that set me back?
  4. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    Masturbated today to a video of a hot girl. I'll count that as a reset :( I beat my week record now. My next aim is atleast 1 month. Let's hope I don't reset again.
  5. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I'm masturbating like once every 2 days without porn and I need to stop that! Been 18 days since I watched porn but I need to commit to stopping masturbation aswell!
  6. BusbyBabe

    BusbyBabe New Member

    I reset today after 20 days. Not a good feeling at all but this will drive me onto success hopefully and let's pray that I can reach that 90 days benchmark! Thanks to everyone on here supporting me!
  7. Allison_black

    Allison_black New Member

    4 years have passed.

    Anyone still stuck here?
  8. breath

    breath Active Member

    If you get a girlfriend you'll want to be with her a lot more than alone fapping...

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