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  1. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    What up Rebooters,

    Noah Church and I had the privilege to raise awareness about porn-induced ED on Chelsea Handler's new show on Netflix. This hopefully will reach a lot of people (it streams in 190 countries) who need help and are possibly unaware of the potential negative effects of porn.

    Here is a preview:

    If interested, search Chelsea "perils of porn." It is season 1, episode 8.

    Much Love, Gabe
  2. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    That is AWESOME! You got balls, man, and you're helping thousands of people! Kudos.
  3. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    That is a myth. However, some rebooters report temporary shrinkage and discoloration when going through the flatline. Some, but not all, and it typically comes and goes during the reboot process. Your dick won't permanently shrink because you aren't jacking off regularly. Hope the best for your reboot.
  4. Been a really long time since i've been on the site. Seems like forever ago that I was on here starting my journey to freedom. Anyways for whatever reason I stumbled upon this article on a website I never thought I would be reading something like this on. The cool thing is (well actually the really horrible and sad thing) is that almost all of the comments are in agreement with the post. The problems associated with porn are becoming more and more mainstream and people are beginning to wake up to the problems associated with it. They're realizing it's "not just them" and that there's many other people suffering from the same issues all caused by the same common Anyways thought i'd share the link to the article just to show that the issue IS increasingly being talked about in more and more circles. Cheers!
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    GABE: My addiction took me to a point where porn was sustaining me. I had loads of anxiety and depression from it, but I was motivated in college (A/B student) in electronics engineering. I was sort of hyperfocused alone studying, though had severe social anxiety and couldn't concentrate around other people. At the time I was indulging I had an idea it was affecting me negatively but didn't know how much until I quit. When I quit and relapsed and saw the damage on my face first hand, I got PTSD instantly. Like my eyes were dripping black and I thought I was going to die. I remember developing dark circles under my eyes which was a tell tale sign of damage/overstress but didn't link it to pmo and kept doing it anyways (which led to severe addiction) like just racing home from work to rub one out to hard fantasy/best parts etc. It wasn't until I was in college with severe social anxiety that I realized I had a problem and started googling my anxiety problems online which finally linked to pmo.

    That being said. I have been in recovery/relapses for almost 3 years since then. I dropped out of my bachelor program. I am however working full time in my original field. I want to finish school eventually. Here's my problem.

    I can't have an orgasm at all. Physically I can, but the second I do, it completely destroys my head. Bad. Wet dreams destroy my head. Any ejaculation at all destroys me for days. My problem is the stress I'm taking in going so many days without masturbating just in general which was a huge stress reliever (without porn) however my brain is still very addicted so I can't. As I recover I feel like time is speeding up real fast which is creating more anxiety. Did you start to feel this?

    This is why I regret rebooting (yes fuck the porn it's shit and it destroyed me) but not being able to O at all even with real sex because of its consequences is making me really nervous. I can get hard with my hand no problem, and in real sex. I can O no problem, but the O's effect on my brain destroys me and I feel like I'm going to die because of it physically. I know you said you didn't relapse but did life become more narrow to you? Everything is starting to look really narrow (it was when I was pmoing but it's not brainfog narrow) it's different. I also don't have a girlfriend to rewire with, and mentally feel like I never will.

    By:Someone freaking the fuck out. I'm literally going insane/in a constant state of impending doom/worry.
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    Hi Gabe, Just wondering if you know what the longest reboot time that has been recorded? I think I have a really severe case of PIED and have been on a flatline for as long as I've been rebooting, 2 years and 8 months.

    Many thanks for all the work you do
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    Maybe try some jelqing or other exercises for your penis. It "fills" your sexual drive in some way and harden your dick. I have been doing that for about 6 months and my penis is in much better condition than ever. I don't know if it lengthens dick (i didn't measure it and not going to, it's not the case but some people said it had done even 2") but exercises, especially jelqing make it healthier ;)
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    Hi Gabe!
    It's amazing that you are still willing to answer all these questions! I'm a gay guy, 26 year old. I have been together with my BF for three years now. We had an amazing sex life, but suddenly my dick didn't work and I was terrified. For months I thought it was PA, and sex did become frightening because nothing worked for me. After 8 months I discovered PIED and have been off of porn for 3 months now. My dick is working with my hand, and I can get a boner with my BF, but I'm still a little scared when it comes to penetration. I get a little tense and sometimes it kills my erection. I have experimented with viagra for one month now, just to take off some of the pressure... So even though it has gotten better, my PIED has turned into PA too. I have read everything you have posted, and you never mention that anxiety was involved when you rebooted with your GF. You mention that you had troubles with penetration and PE too, when HJ and BJ was working. Do you think it was anxiety related? Didn't you ever feel anxiety towards sex when you first started penetrating again? Or how did you deal with it? - as a couple too? All the best, Søren from Denmark
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    Just my 2 cents... I think you have some anxiety issues that you need to address apart from abstaining from P. I suggest daily meditation to deal with this and the other psychological issues that you have. Another way to reduce stress/anxiety is to change your diet. Get rid of the foods that have been shown to activate the adrenaline system (i.e. "Fight-or-flight" mode). These include caffeine, food additives (High fructose corn syrup, etc.), junk food, "energy drinks". I'm also sensing a Also remove your negative perceptions about orgasm. It's NATURAL. I agree that orgasm from masturbation is not ideal, and should be avoided if you have a MO addiction, but orgasm with a woman is totally healthy and should be enjoyable.
  10. Johnathon

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    First of all great respect to not only Gabe but all the guys who are offering help here.
    I am not sure if somebody has already posted the problem I am about to describe. But I want to be specific about my problem hence I am going to post it in detail. I could really use some help.

    I am 29 yrs old and have been masturbating for almost 18 yrs. To make it worse, since my teen days, I have been masturbating almost 3-4 times a day. I never noticed but recently that I had started yanking even without hard on.
    My problem is that now I can't get erection without stroking my penis. Even when I get erection by stroking, I start to lose it if I stop stroking and my penis would go flaccid in 10 seconds.
    I get morning erections in around 2 days gap. But it doesn’t stay for long and I start to lose it as soon as I wake up.

    Generally I used to masturbate while watching porn or some nude images. But thats not necessarily. Occasionally I would masturbate while just thinking about something erotic or reading some erotic book. I am not into any specific porn category like fetish or femdom but yes sometimes I fantasize abt women having rough sex or getting dominated by men. (I know it sounds pathetic but thats what happening to me). It doesn’t matter on what I am masturbating, I need continuous physical stimulation to get it up and then to maintain the erection. If I stop stoking, I start to lose erection in around 10 seconds. I don’t feel any pain while masturbating.

    I have met a urologist. He asked few questions abt my routine, porn, arousals, morning erections etc. and then prescribed me for some vitamin B and Zinc capsules in addition to some caps for better blood flow. But I have not observed any improvement till now. I have been taking this course for two weeks. Complete prescription is for one month.

    I am on no PMO for past one week. I started two weeks ago but relapsed after first week. Then started again.

    I have been doing kegels for past two weeks on daily basis with 7th day being rest each time.

    Can anyone plz advise if no PMO and kegels can help. Specifically as I have been on chronic masturbation for almost 15 yrs. Also, when I do kegels, I feel slight numbness in my legs. Is that normal?

    I seriously hope someone would read and help.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. Egor

    Egor New Member

    Hi Gabe!

    I'm 28 years old. In reboot for 1 year. Had 14 years of PMO experience. Haven't relapsed during this year. Had strong PIED for the long time. First sex was several months ago with my gf.

    Have some problems:
    1) Can't maintaine erection more then 15 sec without stimulation.

    2) Usualy have sex only after bj, because during foreplay my erection quickly disappeared.

    3) Very big Problem to have sex in condom. This is a big stress for me. The erection disappeared in few seconds after putting it on. Also The sensation are very poor in condom. My gf don't want to have sex without condom.

    4) Can have sex only when my gf on the top. In other positions or when trying to change position erection quickly disappears. The other positions for me is not comfortable.

    5) Had 3 months Hardmode in the beginnig of reboot. After hardmode trying to have sex with my gf every weekend. Usualy have 3 orgasms from sex or bj in one day on the weekends. Maybe it is to much for me and this is the reason why my reboot is slow?

    Please, give me advise and share your expiriens about problems above.

    Kind regards.
  12. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    "Had 3 months Hardmode in the beginnig of reboot. After hardmode trying to have sex with my gf every weekend. Usualy have 3 orgasms from sex or bj in one day on the weekends. Maybe it is to much for me and this is the reason why my reboot is slow?"

    It sounds like you're off to a great start. Congrats on one year porn free my man (I hope by now it's two years haha). A lot of guys report orgasms slow down the recovery process if it is too much too soon. If you're having a difficult time maintaining an erection, multiple orgasms may not be the best path to take. My advice: Keep having sex, but maybe try and cut it back to one orgasm a week for a period of time until you feel improvement, or try a form of sex called Karezza (slow gentle sex without orgasm). You're rewiring to your partner so that is great, I'd advise you to keep doing that.
  13. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Gabe have you had hyperpigmentation on cheeks, cracking and snapping of joints, sunken eyes, insomnia, fatigue , tiredness even after 100 days clean?

    Every morning I wake up to see myself in the mirror and regret my actions. I look very dull and unattractive. I used to be normal until 3-4 yrs back. I also feel my sprems are no more thick and 101 days ago when I PMOed it was watery and none voluminous. I want live a normal life man. This thing keeps revolving in my mind daily. In the last 7 months there haven't been a single day when I didn't got the thought in my mind that I have damaged and harmed my self. Also porn just started when I was 16. Now I am 20. I masturbated to fantasy from 13 -14 then shifted to some sexual imaged till 16. But still recovery is taking a lot of time. Also I have this back pains, neck pains, thigh lains with the slightest of physical exertions. My bones and joints ake a lot of sound with slightest movement. And my heart races when I do even little physical task.
    Lately my beard hair have also started to fall. When I even gently move my hands through my beard I observe some 4-5 strands coming out. Also to mention I am already going bald. My chest hair are also thinning and falling. It looks mire of like an aging process.

    Hope you shall write back soon.
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  14. Kevin Walez

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    So glad for you! Incredible story.
  15. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    During the first few months of recovery I certainly experienced low motivation and lethargy, and had "sunken eyes" on occasion, but it sounds like what you're describing is related to stress and anxiety. I mean, I'm pretty sure avoiding porn will not make your beard fall off bro.

    If you're concerned check with a doctor to rule other causes out like an auto-immune disease possibly caused by extreme stress, but that's just my opinion on thoughts on that. To be fair, the stress you're experiencing could be from Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms, but I'd be encouraged because if withdrawal is the problem leading to stress, this will go away with time. Breath. Go see a doc. Don't over think things and spend time doing things that will lead to a healthier you. Watch my "Porn Induced ED Reboot Advice" video if you want advice on how I handled stress during the reboot process.

    Hope the best for you. Much love
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  16. Mickeymouse

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    I m glad you replied. But I am just not able to make out why I have ed. It's like I have fallen into a maze and not finding a way out. I just relapsed an hour earlier it was day 5.
  17. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Also gabe does excessive Pmo makes one insomniac? Can one recover from the tiredness and physical damage that excessive ejaculation caused to skin, bones etc ?
  18. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Also have I was used to doing masturbation before sleeping since quite a young age perhaps since 14 now 20. Can that be the reason?

    Should I attribute the insomnia to long hours of smartphone usage?
    I have been using smartphone since the last 3.5 yrs 3-4 hrs a day. Sometimes 2 hrs on a stretch.
  19. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    What Up Rebooters!?

    My peeps over at Fight the New Drug let me share my story with them, in hopes of raising awareness on porn's potential negative effects. They are passionate about pointing people to love, rather than pursuing pixels on a screen that can never love you back.

    Short 2 min video with a little of my story and part of why I started speaking up:

    Also... they just released a 3 part documentary that I highly recommend checking out. You can view it for free for the rest of November here:

    Much love
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  20. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    I made a YouTube video on how PMO may be related to sleep problems (as well as some other sleep related issues like dreams/wet dreams/morning wood) if you haven't checked it out. Behavioral addictions may contribute to problems with sleeping. As for your other question, no, I would not attribute excessive ejaculation to damage to skin and bones.
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