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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by GABE, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    As a 23 year old loser who played video games all day and fapped all night.

    I had full blown ED, could not get an erection to ANYTHING other than hardcore porn compilations. Even as a teenager I could only orgasm once and I needed HOURS to go again. I hadn't had morning wood in years. I dropped out of college. I lost several relationships. I couldn't focus on anything. I had social anxiety, no goals, no purpose.

    My life after being porn and masturbation free for over 2 years.

    No ED whatsoever, can have an orgasm and sometimes my erection doesn't even go down all the way, I wake up almost every morning with a boner that could be used as a jackhammer to break concrete. Started taking classes again, and working on my personal trainer certification. Gained 10 lbs of muscle and lost some fat. In a loving relationship with a beautiful girl. I can literally sit down and read or study when I need to and enjoy it. Confidence is sky high. No social anxiety, I love being around people and enjoying life and making memories with friends and family. I have reached some goals and made new ones, have dreams I am pursuing....

    and my purpose, well, I now have a story to tell in hopes to break the cycle for future generations. The pleasure porn offers is cheap, temporary, and does not sustain you. It only hooks you, numbs you, and takes from you the one thing it promised, pleasure.

    Life without porn is true pleasure, life without porn is way better!

    Keep trucking guys.
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  2. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    I have made several YouTube vids if you want my full advice and how I have gone over 3 years now of no porn or masturbation and one of the main points is to change your mindset to "porn is not an option anymore".

    When I realized that porn made me have a limp noodle, laying in bed with a beautiful girl I loved, feeling no arousal at all, seeing the look on her face as I can't get turned on, the tear swelling up in her eye, because she thinks she's not good enough, was so gut-wrenching and life changing. When I found out my selfish pursuit of pleasure through porn was the cause of my pain and the pain I caused others. I decided that no matter how painful recovery was going to be, I was going to go through it.

    I had a change of heart and sex became more about love, and less about lust.

    Here are the VIDS just incase anyone missed them.....
    Reboot Advice Video:
    Porn Induced ED Explained - My Story:

    The Basics Of Rebooting:

    Reboot FAQ - Wet Dreams, Porn Dreams, Morning Wood:

    Also, I have been graciously given opportunities to help spread the word:

    My Huffington Post blogs:

    "How could I possibly have erectile dysfunction? I was only 23 and physically healthy. I went searching and found long threads of guys saying they thought porn had caused their ED. Unbelievable, but turns out it potentially had for me, too. It took me nine months to recover normal sexual function."

    "The prevalence of teens perusing porn sites should raise concerns for two reasons: recent research regarding porn and the brain, and a growing number of sexual-health experts and young men claiming that Internet porn is causing sexual dysfunctions."

    New Zealand TV show that covered porn-induced ED and discussed the topic with high-school students. Great example of how better sex education that includes information on porn's potential negative effects can work.

    Cosmopolitan UK Magazine covered my story of Porn-Induced ED:

    Note: They did a GREAT job on covering my story. However, the quote "I had to learn to find my girlfriend sexy..." was a misunderstanding. The word sexy should be replaced with arousing. I knew my girlfriend was beautiful and sexy, I just could not get turned on, and this was very confusing to me before I knew porn was my problem.

    Canada news show 16x9 on porn induced ED and young guys taking viagra. Generation X Rated:

    Katie Couric Show:
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  3. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Nice post.

    Makes me annoyed knowing I wasted a year worth of rebooting with masturbation and porn relapses. I think your case is pretty special as an ultimate and ideal way of rebooting. A lot of guys here constantly relapse, masturbate etc and find it very hard to heal and fix there ED, lose the addiction to porn and get girls. Its like 90% of people just cant break free.

    Guess there is no looking back for you now you have come so far.
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  4. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    -Man don't be annoyed, look at it as a lesson learned. Everything you have gone through is now wisdom and insight for future guys going through this. Think about how much stronger you are going to be when you overcome this as a person with patience, discipline, and more heart and courage to go through tuff times.

    Dude, when I was recovering back in 2011, there was no knowledge (very little) of younger guys taking longer. The suggestions were saying that 6 to 8 weeks was going to be enough. I felt dead inside, had a girl I was lying to about why I would not have sex with her, extreme anxiety and insomnia, laid in bed crying myself to sleep, always thinking about not being able to recover. After 12 weeks and still no sign of improvement I started freaking out man. I was way past the "extended" time frame for recovery and nothing changed. A calm came over me though, and I realized that life is not all about sex, and that if the brain can change, I will go through recovery for as long as it takes to get there.

    Then I started getting morning wood, that was progress. Then I started to be able to get hard fooling around, that was progress. I knew seeing some progress meant that "rebooting" was working. I also knew that I had watched a lot of crazy, disgusting, abusive, messed up porn growing up and that I started watching it young when my brain was more vulnerable to sensitization, so I prepared for the worst. (EDIT: To clarify it does not matter what type of porn you are watching, it is the novelty of Internet porn that keeps dopamine high leading to sensitization. I knew I had deeply conditioned my brain to a screen since I watched porn all through my adolescence.)

    I can't really explain what I felt when I first found out my selfish lifestyle of watching porn and pleasing myself in my room, while watching girls getting used and abused on a screen, had caused my sexual dysfunction and heartbreak of so many. It changed me, it created a passion and a desire to do something about it.

    My eyes were opened to the reality of what porn is. It is dehumanizing and desensitizing, and it takes advantage of peoples wounds, turns them into merely sexual objects, with no care for their well being, their soul, their story of how they got to a point in life to where they let guys record doing degrading things to them for guys all around the world to jack off to with their pants around their ankles. Some with a wife sleeping in the other room who crys herself to sleep because she thinks she isn't beautiful enough to keep her husbands attraction, attention, and affection.

    Internet porn, is one of the most destructive things for human relationships in all of history. Once I understood that porn will not lead us to the fullness of joy, it was easy to stay away from.

    I no longer desired porn, I dispised it.
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  5. Nice story my dude I can relate to a lot of the same crap you went through I thought I was broken and didnt know wtf was wrong with me why did I feel nothing with a naked girl grinding away on top of me? I had times where I couldn't even get hard to porn and i'll admit it I even cried myself to sleep a few times as well. As a younger rebooter myself i'm glad I caught this stuff when i did, finally called it quits on my 20th birthday and since then have been able to finally lose my virginity and just overall happier. I've had my ups and downs though and am by no means cured but i'm improving. Sucks i wasted my teenage years fapping to porn though when i could have been out actually doing something productive, but hey shit happens live and learn. I kind of wished there was someone out there telling me the dangers of porn and stuff before I got myself into this mess but I guess no one really knew. I know one thing though if i ever have a son he'll be sure to know never to screw with this garbage I sure as hell know the effects now.
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  6. CBGuy1991

    CBGuy1991 New Member

    So after watching the second video your clarification of the process if desensitization and sensitization really cleared a lot of things up for me about the whole 'addiction' process. In reality it's like a guy who goes to the gym every day and only does chest, as time his chest is the only thing that gets stronger and it makes him want to do it more because he's lifting heavier weights (more ideal, "manly") sorry I just wanted to throw that in there for kicks.

    But I do have a question and it is this, is it the constant clicking of 'new' (jumping from one vid to the next) sensitizing the pathways to porn, or the more hardcore and shocking stuff is??

    My question is because I started younger too, looking at porn probably 11 years old, masturbating at 12, but I never went as deep as some people did. I never had the 'extreme' fetishes, heck I even didn't like watching anything outside vanilla stuff, a peak here and there to see, but never got off to odd stuff like that. That being said, there were times where I would do it 7-8 times a day possibly, going raw.

    I'm just curious that even though I started young if since I never fell into an extreme extreme level of it if that had any change on the time of recovery? All throughout high school I was fine getting it up, it was the year after then when I went to boot camp and came home and lost erection after pulling out to switch positions that I first had problems. Not much but yeah, then eventually I started losing them while not being stimulated or trying to penetrate.

    Either way, great videos man. And very brave of you to put your story out there. I had a friend ask me about my best friend (her boyfriend) using porn and I immediately directed her this way and tried to explain it to her. But was I nervous and embarassed to admit it's becUse I had a problem, so kudos to you man.

    Best wishes,
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  7. beatsmode31

    beatsmode31 Member

    Man, you're only one of the few guys here to keep me going and keep me having trust in the reboot, with sak1234. You both are long rebooters, I've been in this for almost a year now and far from being cured (still low libido and ED, but maybe not as bad as before).

    I totally relate to get MW back is a great sign of progress, and shows clearly that there is something right about this reboot. Hopefully it will heal the rest too.

    I watched some crazy stuff too, for years, so more than a year rebooting doesn't seem unfair to me.

    Thanks again for motivation, and congrats on spreading the word.
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  8. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    8:09 in the second vid "or bacon strip" haha It really looked like one too. In all seriousness though these are great to help guys truly understand what is occurring in their bodies and it makes something that is hard to visualize into a clear picture which helps a lot. Wanted to also say thanks for all of your hard work in getting to where you are and continuing to educate and help others because that's the most important thing there is. Many many people will be much better off because of this.
  9. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    amazing story !

    i have seen your videos before & doing exactly whats included

    please provide us with information about time u took to start feeling damn better .. to have real sex .. to feel completely healed

  10. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    The main thing is the novelty of Internet Porn. The clicking to "new" images/videos keeping dopamine elevated as well as going to the most intense parts. However, the more shocking and surprising something is the more dopamine is released. So it is partly that too.

    Sensitization appears to be the main brain change behind porn induced sexual dysfunctions, and why it takes guys who started on internet porn at a young age longer to recover. We know of one guy who developed ED by clicking through thousands of swimsuit model pictures each session. It's not content, its novelty, and continued use of supernormal stimulation like internet porn.

    It took me 6 months to start feeling better and getting some sex drive and motivation back. To have successful sex it took 9 months, and to feel completely healed to where I could get an erection to my hands touch alone with no porn or fantasy, 15 months.
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  11. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    congratulations my friend .. u are the best :D
  12. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    it cant be worse than yours ! .. where is your willpower, plan & motivation to be away from this fckn shit ! .. should i tell you my story to know that porn can destroy your life .. should you get heart broken to go through rebooting without any relapse !

    btw i felt while reading your post that you need to learn more about PIED & rebooting/rewiring process .. checkn website .. watch the 5 videos set & read loads of articles .. firstly learn porn harms & how to reboot .. how to set an ideal plan which can keep away porn from your brain or eyes .. then start rebooting

    btw later on you gonna discover that its damn easy .. i used to think its impossible .. but after enriching my mind with enough knowledge i can say that since i started rebooting i never relapsed .. i get porn thoughts & remember scenes & movies .. but a well designed plan can make u learn how to get rid of such thought .. & also make it impossible to reach porn anymore through any device

    good luck bro :)
  13. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    porn is not responsible for every fckn hassle happening in life !

    you need to change whats going boring in ur life .. & depend on rebooting period as a chance for that

    if u believe that to stop porn you need to be away from internet, school and people .. then simply it means you dont understand yet how can you reboot .. & u need to return back to read about rebooting

    its not about being away from that is impossible .. whats impossible is to go through rebooting without these tools

    its all about then how to use them .. internet with a porn & ads blocker .. just used to studying, socializing, reading & interacting about PIED, searching for habits you gonna get involved in .. can help rebooting
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  14. percy.shelley

    percy.shelley New Member

    Sir, you are a champion. Thank you for this post and I am so happy for you.
  15. Mr-NoFap

    Mr-NoFap YOLO #NoFap :-)

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you ;D

    But seriously, you really are an inspiration and I hope that I some day can be were you are and feel completely healed. I am really happy that you stick around this forum and give advice to guys who need it. You're the man GABE!
  16. DirtySanchez

    DirtySanchez Without pain, without sacrifice...we have nothing!

    its great to see how much your life changed after two years without porn.
    beside the "porn is not option" mentality.
    did you put some other herlpfull software into your brain?
    i mean for example: " i believe in myself, no matter how often i will fall"

    thanks anyway for sharing you experinces. i think i can speak for everyone here when i say that you give us massive hope!
  17. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    this would be the first belief ever ! .. there is no time for relapsing .. thats my successful philosophy

    cause simply rebooting rewiring is a damn long process (took gabe 9 months to have sex) .. so there is no time to extend it to 15 or 24 months cause every few months i relapse !!
  18. InChristAlone

    InChristAlone porn gave me a limp noodle too, Gabe haha

    Thanks for sharing man. Its good to see someones story around my age
  19. Ape.Rising

    Ape.Rising New Member

    Gabe you're a stud. Thanks for the encouragement, bro.
  20. nomoreporn

    nomoreporn Porn no more

    Man you're an big inspiration as we have pretty similiar story and age. I'm rebooting for 12 months already and i felt like totally different person today. But still there is this ED problem. I will cut facebook too, great advice!

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