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    Thank you all for clicking on my thread post. I'm seeking the advice of this community as I'm not sure where to begin or what exactly I am suffering from. I'm also too embarrassed and financially unable to seek professional therapy. This past Saturday (2/20/21) I hung out with this girl that I have been dating. It was our 8th date and we had dinner and a movie at my apartment. Shortly into the movie, we started making out and getting undressed on my couch to the point where we were naked and dry humping. After a good 45 minutes, I was still unable to achieve an erection. I tried both fantasying about my biggest turn-on's as well as focusing on the moment; neither proved to be effective. The exact same scenario happened when we first tried to have sex about a month ago. I am absolutely stunned by the situation; There are many traits that I like about her and I find her to be attractive too. After this last incident, I fear that she will not want to see me again.

    I suffer from DE as a result of a lifetime of DSG. I was too naive to try to fix the DSG in the past. My worry coming into dating this girl was that I would suffer from DE but was completely thrown off by exhibiting ED. The last time I had sex was nearly a year ago and experienced DE (I had to finish myself off). I've never been able to organism inside of a woman.

    Although I'm not sure if this is PIED related. I am still very new to this topic but after reading a couple of posts I believe I may have suffered from hypersexuality. I've been MO since I was 12 and PMO since I was 16. Throughout the last 16 years I've been PMO (~95% of the time) and MO on a daily basis (>2 times per day 25% of the time). I feel like it was just ingrained into my daily routine. The average session lasts about an hour and I'd always edge in my boxers to the point where I was about to cum and switch to dry bare skin. The quarantine initially exacerbated my masturbation habits. I was going in cycles of PMO twice a day for four or five days straight then taking off for three or four days (usually as a result of being disgusted with myself). But when I would stay in my parent's house for weeks on end I never had the urge to PMO or even MO. Further, I can still get morning wood (when thinking of a fantasy girl or girl that I know) and I can still get an erection without porn. I stopped PMO/MO the day after the first incident (I MO to prove to myself that it was a mental issue). I haven't really had the urge to watch porn since then (I have had the urge to masturbate though). My means of getting off has mostly been through photos of women I find attractive with high-speed porn being more supplementary; I would typically use tube porn in the beginning of my session but finish to the photo of an attractive woman.

    I'd also like to note that I may be suffering from some depression issues. My life, while not bad by any means, isn't close to where I would like to be. I often find myself caught up in fantasy worlds and "what could have beens".

    Based on this information do you think that I am suffering from PIED or could this be more of a performance/transitional anxiety issue?

    What recommendations can you provide?
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