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    Hi everyone. I am 18 and just graduated high school. I am going to college in 3 months and I want to have a working penis by then. I have been trying to quit porn for over a year now because I believe it has given me some type of ED, and cannot seem to get past about a week or 2 sadly. I am desperate at this point and I really need some helpful tips about how you were able to do it, and how to speed this . I would be willing to do just about anything at this point. Thanks
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    Hi there,

    For the issues with not being able to last longer than two weeks you are looking at your problem linear and not perspectivly , read this article I wrote in terms of that.

    Next, in order to recover and develop a working penis you should start by reading this article,

    You're penis is not physically damaged it is you're brain where the issue lies, but what I've written and provided above will be the best help for you.

    I've recovered from the worst porn problems you could imagine, it's very possible.

    Message me if you need anymore help

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