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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by SGRXR, May 27, 2020.

  1. SGRXR

    SGRXR New Member

    Looking for an accountability partner preferably someone at the same point as me with similar problems. I’m not going to log on every day so texting would be ideal. I tired the Nofap reddit community but it’s just not personal enough I think and then the porn subreddits were always a big trigger for me so i deleted it. I’m on day 1. I have PIED, suffering from decreased mood, lack of motivation. And now i’ve been talking to a girl a few weeks and I actually really like her so I want this to go well. Anyway if anyone’s interested let me know, we could get to know each other and be there when the urges come.
  2. BlackAngel90

    BlackAngel90 New Member

    Im here for you man. Been there done that with reddit. The nofap community on there is basically just dudes making promises to never fap again after relapsing...its discouraging. Hmu on pm and we can exchange numbers. Ill check in on you atleast once a week.

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