My Thoughts On Rebooting [EXTREMELY LONG POST]

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Nov 28, 2013.

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    What is the point of quoting whole posts with zero input? I hope you don't want to just troll the topic
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    When you abstain for some period of time, then DO NOT end up back at step 1.

    You DO NOT go back to the weaker position you were in before you made an effort to quit porn.

    Every second - every day - every hour you abstain is a success.
    Celebrate those.
    Think about it : if you do not jerk off for 50 years...... then do it ONCE when you are 70 years all your work just down the drain???

    If you eat healthy every day .......then one day eat what?????
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    Great points and well said. I may use this for my wife to read... when I get to the point of telling her. Thanks!
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    Dear Underdog,

    Please show me the steps to set the counter.

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    My case is fucking serious!!

    1-I had psycological DE once. How I overcame it: I became a church guy, avoided porn and masturbation and was 5 years without picking up chicks, waiting for " a woman of God"

    2- The resut: I became a perverted, had boners with the girls during my casses just with a look at a boob I had boners. . Developed a paraphilia. I was pretty fucking hard cock. But couldn't hold more than two weeks without ejaculate.

    3- As I thought it as a sin ( all churches says that) I felt guilt everytime I would masturbate. One day as a pastor said, it would be good to fasten. I did it for 36 hours without eating. As the 36 hours finished I had just woke up, and fucking horny, wanting to cum. But I prayed, and tryed to hold, and coundn´t. Than at that time my dick stoped working!!! I became soft dick and couldn have erections anymore. I freaked out! And went to porn to test. And developed depression. I am treating it with a psyquiatrist, but the pills causes loss of libido as well. And my dick is fucking dead!!! It fucked my self-esteem. And it is fucking dead.

    4- Doc said I can't force it, and told me to use viagra. but even with viagra its not very good. Many times I go to porn to test if it will work. But it is getting even worse. Please, somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!!
    email me please if any of you guys have na idea or know somebody with a similar case, or know somebody that can help me!!;
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    Thanks a lot. Great Post. It gave me new perspective.
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    Yeah, your post was extremely long but your thoughts on rebooting are clear to me. Thanks a lot for sharing. This is just a little something I wnated to share in return.
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    I've just signed up to tell you that this post and the post of "the 3 fatal mistakes" have been translated to another language
    thanks for your efforts, from me and from all those who get benefits from your translated writings
    thank you..
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    This is an old thread, but it's the first time I saw it. I just want to say that in my first month of quitting porn, nothing has made more sense than this huge piece of advice. It's really what every single person trying to kick this addiction should read.
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    doing all what you said , the no arousal and the focus on your work and all.
    but when the withdrawals strike and i am absolutely not able to move myself , what should i do.
    these are the moments when i generally relapse.
    all of my last relapses happened not because of horniness but because of the headaches ,the tiredness , increase in number of sleeping hours and all.
    when days like these come i am not able to follow my to do list , which eventually leads to a relapse.
    please tell what can i do during the days when i feel lifeless
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    Hang in there man! Break the damn cycle or else you subject yourself to perpetual withdrawals!

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    Perhaps. Let me think about it.
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    I think I may be willing to share as well.
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    It's amazing how often this thread is linked to. TheUnderDog, you are a legend and have impacted so many people's lives!
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    thanks! it's very useful!
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    Awesome post!

    But I need urgent help guys.

    I'm a total excel noob!

    How on earth do I adapt the spreadsheet for 2018?!

    I want to start this month November asap.

    Please help me :)

    All the best brothers!
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    Great post, great thread.
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    The original post is fantastic. I wish I would have seen this when I first learned about porn addiction. I'm commenting to bring this post back to the top of the forum.

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