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    previous best 4 months without porn and masturbation and then relapsed and watched porn for a while... then i decided to quit for good and now I haven't watched porn in 101 days... but i have masturbated during the reboot and i went 1 month without masturbation... but then I masturbated on Friday and today.... i masturbated to a real women today.... but i have decided that i need to kick masturbation out for life and i will never masturbate again to real women pictures from fb or anything..... any advice people about masturbation and do you think I have achieved anything during this time.... i have been a soft porn user for 15 years....
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    It would help if you could quantify a bit more.

    You had a 4 months no-porn streak;
    You relapsed for a while: how long is a while?
    You went on a 101 no-porn streak, with masturbation: how often did you masturbate? was there a chaser effect? did you fantasise while masturbating?
    You went one month masturbation-free: did you watch porn at this moment?

    Without further information, here's what I can say: you had decent no-porn streaks, so that's definitely a good thing. Masturbation is an issue for some people, but not for everyone, only you can know for yourself.

    But your question is "do you think I have achieved anything during this time?" and here again, only you can know for yourself. Do you feel better? Is there any evolution in your mindset? In your cravings? Etc
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    during the 4 months i didn't masturbate alot... only ocassionally to fantasy....

    Relapsed for 1 week then i decided that was the last straw gave it up

    in the 101 days... i didn't masturbate for a month... then on friday i masturbated sensation and today i masturbated to fantasy.... i think masturbation has to be eliminated for good now

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