My story. Is there hope? (age 37)

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  1. A97CU4ca

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    New here. I'm 37 and I'm hoping this sounds familiar so that I can gauge the length of the recovery process. I know everyone is different, and 90 days is the standard response, but here are my circumstances.

    I've always had porn magazines as a kid, a short stack of Playboy and Penthouse (hell my parents knew about them, they assumed it was part of growing up). Never had any issues, and kept active up to about age 27 (jogging, weight-lifting). I'm still in pretty good shape.

    I've had healthy sexual relationships, random hookups, without any performance issues.

    Then I got high-speed internet and P use increased. Videos became part of a regular routine. I would watch everyday, without fail.

    At 32 or 33, I noticed I couldn't get fully hard without a little hand stimulation (before that I could just imagine a boner and I'd be on my way). It freaked me out a little bit, but assumed it had to do with age.

    I took on a high-stress job, picked up a smoking habit, became miserable, and as a result, P use increased even more. I would watch more frequently. I'd rub one out twice in the morning, and twice at night (x4) while medicating with a spliff (marijuana and tobacco). I stopped hanging out with friends (I can't believe how many people I've thrown away over the years).

    I would have hook ups, but over the last few years, the quality of sex would gradually decline. I would have sex with a 90% erect penis. Then morning wood started to fade. Then, last month, I went completely limp while I was with a very attractive woman (ugh).

    My taste in porn isn't too crazy. But I would definitely spend a lot of time looking for that perfect scene. Looking at porn won't get me aroused until I find that perfect body.

    I feel a bit useless around women now because I can't get it up. What sucks is it seems to be happening at a time in my life where women (for whatever reason) want to get to know me. This whole thing has me so frustrated, and I'm convinced PMO and smoking are the culprits-- but I'm also in my late 30's. Is recovery a pipe-dream?
  2. Gil79

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    There are people around here who recovered at even older age. They'd say you're very young ;). Go for it and get your life back! It helps greatly to make a journal entry in your age group and do this together with others. Good luck!
  3. A97CU4ca

    A97CU4ca New Member

    Thank you. I saw some of the journal entries, some very inspiring stuff. I think I might give it a try.
  4. shattered

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    Have you ruled out any other factors such as medications?
  5. A97CU4ca

    A97CU4ca New Member

    I don't take any.
  6. SkyIsTheLim1t

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    Hi what’s your update in this please. Have you recovered?

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