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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Suture Up Your Future, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. I first discovered this place about five years ago. Spent a lot of time on it, learning about porn addiction and discussing it with other guys, playing the game of posting about it here while looking at in other tabs. Finally, I gave it up when I realized it was just contributing to my porn addiction, or at best was neither here nor there.

    But now, after spending the last 10 hours surfing through cam girls, I'm back. I'm desperate. I've been desperate about it for years now, and nothing's changed. Except now I'm 45. This is an exercise in futility but I don't know what else to do. I would do anything to change my brain on this, but I don't know how and I doubt it's possible. It would take all sorts of willpower that I just don't have. I'm even microdosing 1P-LSD right now in an attempt to re-wire my neural pathways but lo and behold, microdosing -while it helps with anger and depression- also makes me horny, hence the last ten hours.

    I'm a hard case. I can easily spend 35-40 hours a week on porn, the main thing keeping me back is the after effects of all that edging. Is there anyone else here who spends more time on porn than I do?

    Anyway, nice to see you guys again. Hopefully, I'll make it out this time.
  2. Boxer17

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    Welcome back SUYF !

    This IS a fight! Though seemingly futile it is better to swim against the current of our particular struggle than float with the current
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    The more you do stuff like looking at P and edging the more cravings and desire you have for it.

    TO get out of this initial cycle, stop sitting in front of your computer. Do something else, cooking reading, talk to family/friends etc.

    Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Only then will you be ready to move on and improve your situation.

    There's no easy solution for what we're facing. Did you ever read the sticky posted by The Underdog? I think it's called 'my thoughts on rebooting". It's full of amazing advice and is a really good place to start. Even if you've seen it before it's worth reading again. In one part he says something about developing an indestructible self belief.

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