my journey through insanity

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  1. Man this is a hard one to beat. I arrived to 90 days (just about) then masturbated without porn one evening cause i couldn't sleep. I feel like I'm afraid of having sex with an actual women seeing as my sexual experiences were so humliating. I lost my virginity to a prostitute at 19 and had a hard time staying hard let alone ejaculate. Two years later at the age of 21 i was hospitalized in a mental hospital because i was chronically depressed and had sex with a 39 year old women i was unable to stay hard again. All that because i had been watching shitloads of porn and real sex didn't really match the porn i had been watching. It fucked me up big time. Later on I had a relationship with an older woman and i would get hard when we kissed and cuddled but we never had sex. And since then years have gone by...
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    replace these old, bad experiences by new good experiences :)
  3. Also i didn't mention after i exhausted every single heterosexual fetish in the book (grannies, squirting, anal fisting, pissing, lesbian...etc) I found myself getting turned on by gay porn.

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