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    My goal is simple. To remove porn and any artificial sexual stimulation from my life and cure my PIED. I have dicked around a lot on these recovery based sites. Getting caught up in all sorts of tangential topics of whether masturbation by itself is bad, about whether fantasy is good or bad and whether loving sex is all that is healthy and any kind of kink or fetish was induced by porn etc.

    I have finally found out some truths about myself:

    I am a kinky guy, had have always been. Long before I ever got on the Internet, I had some fetishes and kinks. And they are all fine. I love them, I am okay with them and they are all things that I have previously incorporated into a partnered sex life.

    Porn screwed me up. They took my kinks and fetishes and magnified them and made me chronically overstimulate myself up until a point where I was no longer excited by real life sex.

    I want to delete and remove porn from my life forever.

    I have no other moral qualms about sex or masturbation. I have no desire to be some pure vanilla guy. I am completely okay with my innate fetishes and kinks and want to just be able to share them and have sex with real women in real life.

    My main and only motivation to give up porn is because it has been negatively impacting my sex life. I want to have plenty of sex in the real world and this is hindering me and that is why I want to get rid of it.

    I will ensure that I completely remove porn from my life. If I feel urges, I am allowed to masturbate (although, I want to keep this to the minimum for now till I get over PIED), occasionally and if I feel like it and the opportunity presents itself, I will also have orgasms with partners. But until a certain period of time, I will not actively pursue dating as a priority and my top priority will be to completely remove porn from my life.
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    Oh and I count a different way. Where I just put the number of days I have stayed away from porn/number of times I piqued at porn.

    So as of today my score is 69/9
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  3. hello, I am doing the same thing with the help of this site I want to be rid of PIED as well and fix my life.
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    That's great. Let's do it!!
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    Day 70/9

    Today I got an erection while watching a regular TV show where a woman just goes to a doctor for a pain in her neck. Just her exposing her neck and showing it to the doctor felt so sexy. I was so happy. Shows my brain is getting back to normal. All the abuse I put it through is hopefully undoing itself.
  6. that's great dude you hope you have a amazing day

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