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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Haterofpmo, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Haterofpmo

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    Hi i am jack,
    I am 21 and distresfully addicted with PMO.I actually dont remember what age i was when i started but my first erotic experience was with my f*ckin cousin.To be honest i was always so excited at women in my early ages.But the beginning with sexuality must not be with P but anyways,sth. already happened and never going back.At 14 i have seen my first P unfortunately.And now i am being 21.I was always regret to do kind of degrading actions.And a year ago i was aware of Nofap and started this journey which is most important journey in my life i think.My records are not so good to mention but i have been for 26 days clean until today but have to say that i can do much better than that.I was really comfortable and was in right direction; no junk foods,good sleeping and more but today i screwed up again.As far as i can see most fail that i make is eating order.When i eat so much than arrives urges,lack of mental clearness etc. And my second problem is my flashback.When images,which i looked for 7 years,comes out i don't know what to do.Maybe you can give me couple advices bout it.I have still hope to beat my Addiction.Life is great and i cant screwed up my years anymore!!!
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    Man you have much more hope. U are atleast having good sleep. I have been deprived of the same since 2 years and had to depend more or less on some meds to Fall asleep. All the best

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