My Journal: Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Grey1717, May 13, 2020.

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    Started when I was about 11 with bikini pics and gradually got worse. Generally PMO every several days for about an hour. I'm a cocky guy and don't think this stuff is really hurting me much now. All the same, because of my spiritual beliefs I want to treat myself and women better, so I want to start the fight against pornography. At this moment I've masturbated last night and POM'd 4 days ago.

    I'll post here whenever I relapse, reach a milestone, or just come across something interesting on this journey.

    Any tips or encouragement? They'd be welcome.

    I'm looking forward to taking this on you you all.
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  2. Grey1717

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    Made it two weeks this try. Feels like the first time in a long time I've kept from it.

    The real struggle to stop porn just now is starting. I moved to a new place last week where I didn't have internet, which helped a lot. A got internet a few days ago, but the real problem for me is lack of a strong morning schedule. If I get up and get out the house without taking a moment to think, replacing this habit will come faster.

    If you're reading this, thank you.
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    Got locked out of my account and somehow seemed an excuse to watch porn about every other day. Spent a week with friends on a trip and was able to avoid it all aside from sneaking in a slutty music video. Heading towards a relationship with a girl, which severely lowers the urge when things are going well, but not enough to actually stop watching porn for more than a few days which worries me. I'm back now though, ready to get back in the saddle and to take recovery seriously again.
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    Made it about a week. It's a small goal, but big to me. Going to try for 9 days next time. If I can do that, I'll try for two weeks.
  5. Grey1717

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    Made it just two days. Oh well, if I make to my original set date I'll have a 7 day abstinence.

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