My journal: I have a very addictive personality, I have to change my life

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    Days 44-48
    I had my 7th wet dream during this stretch of no PMO. No matter how I sleep I'm going to get them its inevitable, and I've reach the point where I don't really feel a chaser anymore, I feel like I did the day before the wet dream. I'm closing in on 50 days soon, and I'm looking back at when I started this journey. I made the first month a lot harder then I should have, I should have started an exercise routine. Not looking at porn and not masturbating was the EASY part, the hard part was dealing with the anxiety mood swings and depression. I was stressed because of school going through this rebooting process made school a lot harder. Because of my failure to control my withdrawal symptoms I'm going to fail 2 classes this quarter. I'm beginning to notice that my other addiction (video games) doesn't have a strong influence on me as it once did. I get bored of them, I can't play them more then 10 minutes without thinking I wish I was doing something else. This past week has been unusually warm in Chicago, and I've been going outside a lot. I feel happier and more in control of myself now that stressful school is over (2 weeks until new quarter) and I'm getting some exercise. When I first started I didn't feel what everyone else what other rebooters were describing, I guess exercise is more important than I initially thought. I feel so much more in control now, and dare I say HAPPY! I haven't been this happy in a long time, and its all because I'm going outside and walking my dog an hour a day (my form exercise for right now). It's beautiful outside, I forgot how much I like being outside. I went fishing with one of my bestfriends the other day and caught a catfish , the first fish I've ever caught, it was the shit!
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    I think I want to fully reboot before I start looking for a girlfriend or sex. I'm barely thinking about sex at this point in my reboot, and I really want to get back on track with school.
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    Thx for the encouragement, and good luck with your reboot brother!

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