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    @sveltest I appreciate your enthusiasm bro, however, my job as an IT consultant relies on me having a computer. So that is not an option for me. I'm learning how to deal with it in other ways. Change doesn't happen overnight. Setbacks will happen during the course of this change, it's how you deal with it and how you learn from those mistakes that truly makes or breaks you. I'm more positive, more enlightened and more confident already since this last setback than I have been in the last few months to a year.

    "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it" - Margaret Thatcher
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    Things have been going well lately. No major urges ,and any small urges have easily been pushed away. Being early in the reset again, I realize the urges will get stronger the longer the streak goes. However, trying to live day by day, instead of living by the streak is the way to go. The biggest things I've noticed since going multiple days in a row without PMO, is small victories. I can feel a sense of confidence beginning to come back. Sensitivity is even slowly coming back. I have gotten erections just thinking about sex with my wife. Still not confident enough to initiate anything myself, however I hope that day will come soon. It's such a mental block for me, i'm just so afraid of failing. But those small victories are encouraging as the PMO becomes less and less. Even with a setback last week, doing it once without binging and then multiple days off, I can feel how recovery is closer, how it's possible to get there. Anyways, keeping up the fight, stay strong friends.
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    I hear you on this one. It is great to have hope back.
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