My husband's erectile issues!

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    My husband has erectile issues. We visited a sexologist and he said that my husband is suffering from delayed ejaculation. We are trying to conceive for the past 6 months. Now after visiting the sexologist, he lost the confidence to have sex. I forced him to have sex and sexually abused him. I didn’t do it on purpose, but my mental state made me do that. He left me but I need him back. He has moved legally and I had to visit a criminal defence attorney in Toronto. The legal proceedings are still going on. He says that I am a sex addict, but I don’t think so. It is he who is having erectile issues and the sexologist after seeing my medical reports said that my count is normal. It is true that I took initiative to have sex but it was to motivate him. All that has turned upside down and I don’t know what to do.
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    Is he addicted to porn? This forum is mainly focused on erectile dysfunction due to porn addiction.
    Second, if you do something wrong, then you take responsibility for it, your mental state is part of you.
    So if you've sexually abused him, then the first step would be to take full responsibility, and apologize, and ensure that you don't do so again. Then if he is open to reforming your relationship, he can get medical help for erectile dysfunction if he chooses to.

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex frequently, it's only an addiction when you lose control, as you seem to have done so in this case. It might be possible that he just has a low sex drive and you might be better off as close friends rather than sexual partners.

    In any case, good luck to you, and him.
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    Totally missed the obvious there didn't I :p
    That's really despicable if a law firm is willing to sink this low to advertise.
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    First thing is to win him back. He was already devastated by the delayed ejaculation report and then you forced him and abused him. This broke him even more. His heart and mind are shattered into little pieces. He will have to re collect them. First you tell him that you are sorry for making his situation worse. He was already sad at the delayed ejaculation report and you should have not made it worse. Ask him to forgive you and tell him that you both will go through this together and you will do whatever it is in your power to help him recover.

    Secondly delayed ejaculation can be healed. You will need to visit the sexologist or whoever is going to do the treatment and follow his instructions. After the treatment everything will be fine.

    Can you tell me from how long are you trying to conceive?
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    Hi, your husband is suffering from ejaculation he need proper medication for ED instead of going to the court for legal documentation and etc etc...
    firstly gain your relationship back properly instead of getting separate from each other.
    and i don't know which medicine your husband followed after meeting sexologist, but there are very good medicine with positive result into the market or into online world like as i would like to name some .... generic viagra, kamagra, Super P Force pill, etc....etc....
    I feel this medicine are enough for your husband ED issue and to make you satisfy intercourse session with him.
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