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    I’ve been struggling with porno addiction for the last decade. My first time watching I think I was 11 years old I’m 21 now. Six months ago I realized that I’m addicted to it. I’ve been struggling to stop it’s very hard my longest streak was 18 days I think. My problem is I can stop watching porn for the whole day except when I go to bed to sleep something clicks into my head a strong urge I feel my whole body telling me to watch porn and masterbate It does suck really. Also, I’m struggling with motivation I think it’s because of my addiction. I read how it does effect the physiology of the brain. As well as connecting with people like expressing my feelings like I’m struggling now to write how I feel. I need to connect with people more often but I don’t have anyone to connect with especially this addiction.

    Please help anyone who can
    I’m thinking someone like accountability partner.

    Thanks for reading

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