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    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    a) Earned $7 (70 pushups, 70 sit ups, 70 jumping jacks)
    b) Played basketball for 85+ minutes, shared my ball with some kids - I guess ball really is life
    c) Listened to Drink the Sea by the Glitch Mob
    d) Started the 10,000 readers course
    e) Completed watching Mini Habits course
    f) Log into Word Press account blog *

    5 Main struggles of authors in business when trying to grow their business
    1) finding and growing an audience (and building those relationships)
    2) sales (w/o feeling sleezy or bothersome)
    3) managing my time and focus (ignoring things that are going to help your business)
    4) mindset (overcoming fear of failure, and avoiding procrastination)
    5) getting reviews and recognition for my work

    Big myths
    - just write more books
    - without an audience, you are performing to an empty stadium

    Amazon isn't a book store, its a search engine (make sure you show up where readers are already looking)

    Having an engaging blog as well as an engaging and professional book is the cost of entry.

    3 step formula

    1) Find new readers
    2) Turn those readers into fans
    3) Sell effectively to your fans
    4) Put the whole system on autopilot


    What does a level up consist of - fulfilling and arriving towards happiness?
    Tracking my earnings and expenses to a key both business and personal, attending church and Bible study every week,

    Starting Tuesday night, create YouTube cooking playlist to make roast and vegetables and rice and beans for tomorrow.

    After Tuesday night, I will halt fast food. Can I spend

    Thursday , May 5, 2016
    * Reading Contrary to Love - 33% - 39%
    * Create an outline for next 3 blog posts
    * Ate chicken & cheese quesadillas at Gringo's
    * Watched rest of Super Size Me

    b) Type up an offer from D free on Facebook, if he agrees, draw the offer on Upwork. $8 for one and one
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    Friday, May 6th, 2016


    a) 30+ minutes on studying YouTubers
    b) Listened to East Hollywood EP, Clockwork Indigo EP,

    Marc E Bassy - East Hollywood EP

    FBZ + UA - Clockwork Indigo EP


    Saturday, May 7, 2016

    Since I slacked yesterday, I'm gonna double up today.

    * Listened to Tre Englewood
    * Walked outside for 115+ minutes
    * Spent 20+ focused minutes on Kindle (reading & revising 3rd manuscript)
    * Spent day before mother's day with mom, nanny, grandma, uncle j, cousin, papa, king king

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    Sunday, May 8th, 2016 - Mother's Day

    Grateful for
    a) My mom
    b) To be alive
    c) Some money in my bank accounts
    d) A car, my very trusty Toyota
    e) Access to great books and lectures because of the internet
    f) Access to this excellent website, which is a community of people who are working towards similar goals
    g) Clean water
    h) Food in the refrigerator
    i) Not growing up rich, so I can truly learn money and develop wealth, and then provide and contribute on a more significant scale
    j) The wonderful opportunity to live in America

    a) Went to church with my mom
    b) Walked outside for 100+ minutes at Keith-Weiss
    c) Completed the Peak Performance CD by Tony Robbins (ex 1 4-1:54)
    d) Bought and cooked breakfast for dinner



    [​IMG] Altered

    [​IMG] Altered


    [​IMG] Altered

    Visit your niece, visit with your family members.

    Monday, May 9th, 2016

    * Fill in empty loops and unanswered questions in journal (and format) - (1/2)
    * Add pictures from previous days to appropriate day on the journal
    * 50+ minutes walking outside
    McDonald's two cheese and 6 nugs
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    Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    a) Basketball, made 60+ assorted shots, medium cardio for 50+ minutes
    b) Listened to Blue Chips 2
    c) Created blog post outline for next 5 blog days
    d) Completed first view of Branding You course
    e) Small coffee
    f) Walked outside and penny boarded 25+ minutes

    On Deck
    g) TM email tomorrow draft
    h) schedule next 5 blog posts
    i) learn more about creating a following on the WordPress system

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016
    Speak with speaker Joe, create the Facebook group
    85+ minutes walking and jogging outside
    Listened to Beat by Bowery Electric
    Earned $2 (20 pushups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks, running in place 20 seconds)
    Watched episode 2, 3, & 4 of Samurai Champloo
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    Thursday, May 12, 2016


    a) Earned $3 (30 pushups, 30 situps, 30 jumping jacks, 30 seconds running in place)
    b) Listened to Mm Food (20:20 /)
    c) Completed Listening to Six Figure Success Self -Publishing Non-Fiction Books With Joanna Penn and Steve Scott (40:26 / 40:26)

    * Value of focusing on one niche, and zero in on a particular type of audience and get them on the email list so I can further engage
    * Little things that I do on a daily basis can produce long term results
    * This is a long term game, authors must take the time and effort to build their platform
    * Focus on what YOU need to do, instead of what other people are doing
    * "when you add more value to the world, you get it back"

    Friday May 13, 2016

    a) 30 pushups, 30 sit ups, 30 jumping jacks, ran in place for 30 seconds
    b) 60+ minute walking and jogging outside
    c) 15+ focused Kindle minutes

    Everyone goes to work and makes a salary or commission based on their level of service and usefulness to others. Since I click ads and take surveys predominantly for myself, I don't serve the world and therefore my income reflects my service to society. However, if I work really hard on creating a brand and a series of products and information channels, I now have many avenues to connect with and help others. The more you help the more you can make. This process is scalable whereas taking surveys is not at all.

    So what's your next step after this realization?

    Change my mindset, actions, and therefore lifestyle to be centered around helping others get what they want.

    Purchase the emyth and the lean startup.
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    Saturday, May 14, 2016


    * Met with SB (3rd meeting), we are going to create a video, audio, and book project together
    * Met her at Coco's Crepes, that place has the sickest taste in music
    * Set up 3rd Milestone with my writer
    * Watched Family Guy episodes
    * 40+ focused minutes of Kindle work

    Sunday, May 15, 2016


    * Journal review
    * Listening to Coloring Book
    * Finished reading It Works
    * Walked for 80 minutes outside
    * Created 2nd outline for 9th speech
    * Polished blog post for 05/16/16
    * 15+ focused minutes of Kindle work
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    Monday, May 16, 2016

    Earned $2 - 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 jumping jacks, run in place for 20 seconds
    Outline 9th speech 4 times (4/4)
    Recite while reading 9th speech 5 times (7/5)
    Walked outside for 185+ minutes
    Gave 9th speech, won the best speaker award
    Watched lectures 11-15 in Twitter course
    Listened to Ch. 1 of the E Myth Revisited

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016
    Finish listening to Ch. 2, then create a notes file to review 1 & 2
    Played basketball for 90+ minutes
    Listened to Ch. 1 of the E Myth Revisited and begin taking notes in Docs file

    Ch. 2
    The business is not for my own vanity, not for me to boast about the financial independence created but rather operated and delivered with the target customer as the sole thought.

    Apply for 5 obs today (5/5)
    Ate at Luby's with NS and discussed the 5 Pillars (and Twitter)
    Revisiting / listening to Ch. 1 of the Emyth and recording thoughts and questions *

    Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
    Walked outside for 140 minutes
    Finish ch.1 listen and notes for myth
    Brainstorming with BB about finance & mindset group creative effort idea
    Reply to 5 job leads thru email through Craigslist (1/5)

    create an outline v1 for next 5 posts on blog

    Want To
    beat my record of kindle minutes for a day
    beat my record for blog minutes for a day
    read manuscript and bounce back
    Branding You
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    Thursday, May 19, 2016

    a) Walked outside for 70 minutes
    b) Listening to eMyth revisited

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    a) Made 2 comments post on other's WordPress blog
    b) Played on the VR
    c) Attended NG graduation pary

    Saturday, May 22, 2016

    a) Finished listending to the emyth revisted
    b) Started on the lean startup

    Sunday, May 22, 2016

    1 must - Write first RD of 10th speech
    1 maybe - organize your digital journal
    2 maybe - finish lean start up

    Spoke with PN about Tokyo, WordPress, 5 (6) Pillars, Blogging Outlines
    Walked outside for 40 minutes
    Penny boarded for 70 minutes

    Monday, may 23rd
    a) Watched the Ray Kroc documentary
    b) Finish listening to The Lean Start Up
    Gave 10th speech, I am now a Competent Communicator

    c) Review The Lean Start Up ->

    Create my outline for next 5 posts on WordPress
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    Tuesday May, 24, 2016

    a) Reviewed The Lean Startup notes (20 minutes)
    b) Walked and jogged outside for 75+ minutes
    c) Branding You - watching progress: 1 - 13/48, current exercise: Section 2 - Discovering Your Niche, Spend 10 minutes
    d) Did 90 pushups, 90 sit ups, 90 jumping jacks, 90 seconds running in place
    e) Worked on Story Exercise in Section 2 (10 minutes)
    f) Worked on Discovering Your Niche in Section 2 (10 minutes)

    Notes from Branding You - Developing a Strong Why & The Power of Why Else

    a) Why does my product or service help other people?

    b) Why do they need the specific help I offer?

    c) Why else?

    d) How does my product or service (or my brand) help people?

    e) How else?

    h) What is stopping people from taking action themselves?

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    * Watching Branding You course lectures 14-20/48
    -----> Lecture #19 is about creating effective copy for your blog, blog design tips, blog free offer and email list pop up tips
    * Listened to Preist Andretti
    * Posted on blog
    * Purchase a hostgator plan / review what plan wordpress blog has to offer
    * Install Yourls successfully
    * Review this site and take notes for modeling -

    How do I apply the lean startup methodology to my blog? And turn it into a central hub?

    Step by step young fella

    Thursday, May 26, 2016
    -> Walked outside for 90+ minutes
    -> Worked on MVP ebook, for more than 30+ minutes of Kindle work
    -> Now doing Clixsense as a fundraiser for 2nd UPW payment

    Friday May 27, 2016

    Saturday, May 28, 2016
    What would make today an awesome day?

    *) must - hang out with my mom today
    *) want - take notes on how MVP can achieve the build, measure, learn cycle. How can I get my product in the hands of real customers? (10 minutes)
    *) want - Complete a round of Amazon flex

    The sea of wants, some of which may not be fulfilled
    *) Text, then plan to see other family members tomorrow
    *) Create a rough draft of first TM email in copy style
    *) Outline next 2 blog posts


    Monday, June 6, 2016
    a) Watched 12 Steps of AA with Father Martin

    b) Delivered 1 Flex Shift

    c) Watched Z$ for hours and played Hide N Go Seek

    d)TM G.E. tonight, Monday @ 7 pm

    e) Create my blog post for today *
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    Sunday, August 20, 2017

    Glad this forum is back
    My vehicle
    My sanity
    Owner instead of a victim

    Within me lies the desire to think and act much better than I think and act right now.

    I have done an okay job however I know I am capable of better.

    The comparable thing is stressful in itself. Self medicating and wasting my energy and primordial fuel - time.

    Every action I take revolves around avoiding pain or seeking pleasure.

    What's one major action I can take right now that will positively and progressively improve my life? Today is not over and it is very important.
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    Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

    I am very grateful to be alive. I am very grateful for my mom and my step dad. I am very grateful for my job. I am very grateful for my aunt and uncles. I am very grateful for my grandparents. I am very grateful to live in a big city in America where I can create an amazing life for myself.


    -> Arrived to work on time
    -> Earned $5.85 online ($5.50 mTurk, 35 SB)

    I would like to streamline my finances so that my earnings go directly to an interest bearing account. Spending my money is killing me because I do not get to see the children or the grandchildren that come from my hard working dollars. Let us not forget that money is the hardest worker that will work 24/7 and never calls in sick.

    I have been trying to mine currency but have found Aeon to be unreliable in connection to Bittrex. I need a currency I can mine that has a low cashout minimum but is also accessible on Bittrex so then my computer can work for me as well. This idea is is second to investing my own American dollars.
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    Today is Wednesday 23, 2017

    I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for my job. I am very grateful to be off the next two days. :)

    Today I want to mine more currency and I also want to ensure my schedule for tomorrow is solidified. I have a big day planned for tomorrow and the weather will be changing soon.





    Deposit a percentage of your earnings into McDonald's stock because they won't go out of business during a recession or market crash. Until you build enough cash to purchase a rental property (this exit plan is still in the working) in the mean time you are building your credit.

    The goal is to earn passive income. Although I know this is a Slowlane decision, using my work income to pay for my necessary expenses and using side income from mTurk and SB will be used for lifestyle and investments.

    Can I devote one source strictly to building my estate? That would be SB. Or should I purchase a heap of SDLP stock? The risk is that I do not know how they will perform in a market crash and they are not as reliable as McDonalds. I guess the first step would be to establish and be active on a system where my income is systematically (or even better automatically) invested in my Brokerage account.

    Should I revert back to Options or focus strictly on Dividend Paying Stocks? Regardless I need to build a lump sum so

    I've decided personally that purchasing a dividend stock that I can rely is on is my best bet. But on a double note, I would like to increase my Etrade account by $600 more. Primary focus -> Purchasing a dividend paying stock in my portfolio albeit McDonalds. This is my core focus.
    SB will be my main workhorse for fueling my brokerage account.

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    Okay today is going to be a DAMN good day.

    Today I accomplished:
    -> Wash up and arrive to work on time
    -> Cashed out on SB
    -> Topics I want to journal about:
    ->-> Credit score, American Express, Diners Club (what's minimum credit score to apply)
    ->-> Watching the rest of Food Inc. on Netflix
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    Today is October 15th, 2017 and honestly I feel like I've been going, going, going with no clear destination or plan to get there. Its been a mess but I'm still alive.

    I should heavily consider my priorities which are many at this point. There are many driving forces, I can't help but admit I feel over-driven. I am an owner, I am not a victim. I will get through these obstacles one at a time and will stand victorious against impending chaos.

    Let's begin with the few bills that are going to be incoming this next business week:

    Car Insurance $250, Due on 10/24/17 2
    Student Loans $200, Due on 11/01/17
    Credit Card Bill $155, Due on 10/20/2017 1

    Other Tasks That Are On My Mind But Will Come Much Later
    -> Vacuuming the inside of my vehicle
    -> Producing the rest of my latest video
    -> Seeing my nieces soon

    -> Car Note $361, check in 2-3 days to make sure payment has been posted
    -> Called Today's Vision and they said my glasses still were not ready
    -> Texted, email, and sent FB message to connect with Jade Palace
    -> Texted barber to schedule haircut for Wednesday morning
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    * Formulate officer email
    * Formulate TM email
    * Pick up glasses
    * Get project under 10 minutes

    * Submitted 3 new TM apps
    * Called O'Dell and he will contact me when the reschedule is set
    * Called Ohio National
    * Got a haircut
    * Spoke to aunt, she will drop loan money off (7 day note at 10%)
    * Arrived to work on time and happy about the benefits your job offers

    Tonight's Plays, I'm A Crazy Man
    -> San Antonio Spurs -120, wager $60 to win $50 W
    -> Denver Nuggets +120, wager $80 to $96 L
    -> Portland Trail Blazers -125, wager $60 to win $48 W
    -> Boston Celtics -135, wager $80 to win $59.28 L
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    Thursday, October 19, 2017

    I made it to work on time. I cleaned my room before I left for work. I paid 3/4 of my credit card payment, the rest is due tomorrow. I need to go pick up my glasses. My life is constantly revolving around I and I am very selfish. How can I become more selfless?

    I do spend a lot of my time here at this job. I do procrastinate very hardcore. My time management could use significant improvement. My task and priority management could also use some adjustments. Income is okay but expenses are consistent, fixed and variable. I need to go back to basic financial education class.

    Developing a deeper understanding of my crutches, my habits, my tendencies, my addictions, my recurring thoughts, my energy in life, my energy towards my peers and family members in life. I want to lift weights. I want to be a man of means. I want to eat well and healthy. I want to live a life of an abundance. But a decent amount of my choices say otherwise.

    This is the loop I live in.

    What would honestly make today a good day for me?
    -> Being alive
    -> The remainder of my credit card bill is $39.86
    -> Pick up my glasses today
    -> Wash my hair today
    -> Wash that bowl when I get home
    -> make one more edit to my video project
    -> play some basketball
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