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    Tuesday, April 12, 2016 (continued)

    Deliver future speeches with more depth
    Watching Sanford and Son :)

    Let's Do Some Planning Bro
    UPW $700 (w/o board considered)
    Tires $1.2k -> Tomorrow, retrieve a quote for the actual balance
    Student Loans $26k
    Abolishers $220
    Corpus $600

    That's a lot of cash flow mayne....


    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    4 hour - 3:53:11
    Earned - Mturk - $15.20, Cx - $.78, tot: $15.98
    Spent - Beans Coffee - $3.24, Green - $40, Requester Charge - $10, Upwork Draft - $7, Contract for editor start - $27

    one must -> address the survey, pay the workers and bonus them for good TO reviews
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    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Where do I begin?
    * Woke up at 10:45 Am with no plan.
    * This void - I love personal development but frequently sabotage my real goals
    * Consider power of the subconscious mind, and its repetition which is ingrained.
    * Masturbating is a crutch, weed is a crutch, driving is a crutch - coping mechanisms.
    I have little knowledge of how successful rebooters attack life, my strategy is mediocre at best, and my execution is also mediocre.
    By Einstein's definition, I have been insane for the last 5+ years.
    Abolishers course, mini habits course, I want to review the time/productivity coursera course

    04/26/16 - When I wake up later than 9 Am, I feel like I'm playing catch up all day. That one time I woke up 3 Am, that was the best day ever bc it felt like (at 10 am) that I had been up all day. Beating the sun up AND being well rested are my goals.

    4 inch meatball marinara
    Beans small coffee

    What did I accomplish today?
    1) Update HIT as Requester, to include link of ineligible participants IDs.
    2) Expand the qualification (hit approved amount & %)
    3) Bring reward amount up to
    nearest 10
    4) Post a new batch

    Hired an editor for my manuscript (x)
    Walked for an hour at the Buffalo bayou bike trail (x)
    Turbo Tax, get closer to completion! ()



    Create an email list, decide which top 10% workers deserve to be the golden research squad
    Read Title email, study catchy titles for 5 minutes

    Miracle Morning plan for 04/14/16
    S - meditation
    A - affirmation
    V - visualization
    E - exercise
    R - reading
    S - scribing


    Ch. 1 continued - YBOP

    According to one German research team[8], users' problems correlated most closely with the number of screens opened (variety) and degree of arousal, not with time spent viewing online porn.

    It's also worth noting that videos replace imagination in a way that still images don't. Left strictly to our imaginations we humans once tended to assume the starring role in our sexual fantasies, not the passive role of mere voyeur as in video-watching.

    During real sex viewers aren't in the position of a voyeur, let alone a voyeur of a particular body part or very specific fetish that many of them have been viewing for years before they connect with a partner.

    * Noticed how tube sites are buffets that can be sorted by body parts or skin tone or hair color. This shit is extremely unnatural and Gary says I should avoid the buffets of life to avoid over consumption.

    Porn use seemed like a cure.

    The problem is in the effects of porn on the brain, not in any particular aspect of human beings' astonishing diversity in matters of desire.

    Shift your attention to real life. Among other things, this will help you establish whether chronic overconsumption of pornography, or some other issue, is underlying your symptoms.
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    Why do I feel this way?

    Traffic is affecting my emotion. I'm seeking a peaceful environment. I have lined up several debts for myself. I don't know why I hang out with my cousin. Using weed as a crutch really gets to me. Why are YouTube videos and novelty so damn tempting? Why don't I just go to bed when I'm tired? What the fuck am I doing? Am I happy? That's a good question. Here I am trying to create an experience, aiming to stay positive. Traffic is really a bummer. That Tesla car sounds nice. Seriously. Seriously.

    What do you want? What do you really want? In your deepest longing, what do you want?

    I want to be free. From my compulsive use of marijuana to a seldom. I want to be fearless, an author and a speaker. I want to transcend this disease, PMO. Am I not being grateful enough?

    Maybe I am not helping or serving others enough. Traffic is really depressing - I will stay positive and listen to something productive.

    Everybody has a strong opinion about money and my family and friends all think their right. I still don't have a complete understanding.

    My mindset has been me me me. Approach from service.

    I know I don't want a job. But I do want and need structure. Why is it so hard to focus on just building the perfect e-book vs doing a bunch of surveys and making a Buck for today.


    Dream Goal for my Publishing Business
    - A business model that others can try to use, however they cannot do it exactly like me with my secret sauce. It can be taught to others while I learn and develop the structure.

    My goal is to record a conversation with very deeply thought out open ended questions, to get an informative conversation and recording, outsource the transcription, pick the highlights/ organize, hire a write if need be, hire an editor, decide on cover, okay and publish in 14 days. And my mom can set up a launch party. This would be an interesting business model, we all win.


    Market research and plan for Clixsense idea

    Where geographically are Clixsense users located?
    What is the current online social presence of Ckixsense on social media? Blogs? YouTube?

    Can I hire someone to construct a plan? Can I hire someone to execute a plan? Can I create the process then outsource it? What is the plan? The end goal - active referrals on Clixsense, it would be well worth the investment. I only have one payment proof to show. Whats my next action?

    * You can qualify your surveys better by using Qualitrics and making the first 3-4 questions the you are not eligible to participate screener so I only get people who read self help books on Amazon! :) Everyone wins and I save money

    * One observation, successful books have a lot of raving reviews in their product description on the page of their book. They appear to be credible sources and the volume of reviews appears as more social proof (to be added to the amount of book reviews)
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    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    One Must -> File taxes completely

    The Other Great Goals
    * Decide on 7 keywords for the Submission Package
    * Decide on 2 categories for the Submission Package
    * Pay $110 for Abolisher course
    * Hire a designer to create the cover
    ** Purchase a high res free image -> this is important, I will have to review the Evergreen summit on cover production

    How was today awesome?
    1) I watched Johnny Test S1E1
    2) Listened to The Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold, and PantyRaid (which I love!) - Pillow Talk, STN MTN (Money Baby, Candler Road, Sober), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family (Devil in new dress, Blame Game)
    3) Watched The Fresh Prince of Bell Air
    4) 4 Hour Work Week - 4:02:00
    5) The Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004, United States (x)
    6) Made 10 three pointers and won a game of 21 - 60 mins outdoor exercise (x)
    7) MD 20/20, Green, and Drawing this picture of my ex
    8 - Penny boarding outside near Buffalo Bayou -,> that was fun! ;)

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    Thursday, April 14, 2016 (cont)

    Listened to Peak Performance 60



    * I can do this
    * I am living my life and grateful for it
    * I am journaling
    * I am not broke
    * With these books in have knowledge to take action
    * I have some disposable income

    * Its just me
    * I'm spending too much money
    * What if I don't produce results by August
    * What if my book is a dud
    * Will I get the income monthly I need?
    * I ain't lifting cuh
    * Blazing herb is not helping
    * Alcohol is interesting but not helping


    Friday, April 15, 2016

    * Went to Beans
    * Penny boarding at bayou
    * Bounced back project
    * Deciding on my HD photo
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    Saturday April 16, 2016

    The day I got my shit together

    * 30 minutes of basketball
    * Helping a family member
    * Being grateful for a family member
    * Deciding on my cover image -> Using Qualtrics to screen the personal development readers in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd selection.

    Spreadsheet, new finances baby


    Sunday, April 17, 2016

    -> Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 50-53%
    -> Eating enchiladas cooked by my mom, delicious!
    -> Listened to Hardknock by Joey Bada$$
    -> Created SS Market Survey 2 on Qualtrics
    -> I take driving for granted, I love it so much
    -> beans coffee omg
    -> Verified full manuscript, Next Actions below
    a) Gather survey results & decide on cover image
    b) Find a cover designer on Fiverr and rewatch what to ask for on Evergreen
    c) Find an illustrator for book images on Fiveerr
    d) Review the master checklist for evergreen
    e) Create the ultimate marketing plan and deadline/ release date
    f) Update the project completion report
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    Thanks trainmill, I have been acknowledging and working through that fear of _____. (rejection, failure, adversity, etc...)


    Monday, April 18th, 2016
    1) Decide on 7 keywords for SS (x)
    2) Earned $14 today (x)
    3) Listened to 4 Hour Work Week: 4:40:00 - 4:55:00 (x)
    4) Initiated final content edit for SS (x)
    5) Read Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 54% - 59% (x)
    6) Play online Cash Flow game (x)
    7) Listened to 1999 by Joey Bada$$ (x)
    8 - Play Territory War

    if he first forms a good plan, and , cutting off all amusements or other employments that would divert his attention, makes the execution of that same plan his sole study and business.

    * Save Golden Guide idea, I want to create a second book for my target reader profile and focus on building that particular audience.
    * I will gain experience and be really polished when its time to write the Golden Guide, later this year

    Today's Visuals (Bayou from 04/15/16)




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    Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    What Did I Accomplish Today?

    1) Earned $13, (110 pushups and 110 jumping jacks) Bought Taco Bell $7, Smoothie $4, Cig $0.50, MD 20/20 $5
    2) Pay all survey respondents on the Requester platform (x)
    3) Listened to Midnight City by M83
    4) 4 Hour - 5:12:00 - 5:51:00
    5) 30 minutes outdoor walking and chillin at Kitty park Hollow
    6) 15 minute walk near Galleria at waterfall

    Am I missing the mark? What is the mark?
    Dat MD 20 20

    Why am I here? What am I doing?

    Still again, I am me with little service to others. Less about what I am not doing, more about what I am doing.

    Where do I want to be? Why do I feel this void?

    Resolved to the point, I just want to give my Kindle business everything I've got.








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    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    1) Finish Cover transaction (x)
    2) Finish content edit, retrieve full manuscript ()
    3) Earned $25, net ~$10
    ***** Mini Habit # 1 - 60 pushups, 60 sit ups, 60 jumping jacks
    ***** Mini Habit # 2 - Dancing to my favorite music (high energy, bring heart rate up) for 60 seconds + (80 secs, 90 secs, 100 seconds, 100 seconds, 120 seconds)
    ***** Mini Habit #3 - Read 1% of Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Start - 59%, 60%, 61%, 62%, x, x, x, x, x, x)
    4) Gratitude drive in Fifth Ward, snapped some shots
    5) Watched Super Troopers 8)


    Stadia Burger for breakfast
    Small chocolate peanut power


    AOBF 59%-81%
    Bought a smoothie for someone else

    Avoiding pain, and becoming a slave to pleasure
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    Every time I read this response, I shiver inside or chuckle a bit. I don't let people in, I don't share much with my family and I only have one best friend who I share about 20% of my thoughts with. I am rather reserved, although I am in a public speaking group and genuinely I have a lot of colleagues and some mentors. Only 3-4 serious friends at most, and some homies, but homies are different. Maybe, maybe not. I guess I like to preoccupy myself so I don't think about or act to fill the void ;) It burns me, it really does.
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    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    1) Listened to 4- Hour 5:47:00 - 6:27:00
    2) Did a journal review and update
    3) Formatting my manuscript
    4) Beans coffee & walking outside (20 minutes)

    Do a journal review to determine what other tasks need to be done - including survey repost, checklist to sheet, and identifying which areas of the sheet need to be now addressed

    For every $4 earned, walk outside and listen to 4 hour work week (1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10)


    Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
    - Nathaniel Hawthorne

    How long b4 u want ur new business to replace ur entire income stream?

    Part time freedom is not freedom
    -PN, my dear friend

    I am shifting from the scarcity to abundance mindset!


    Task Box

    * Formatting and preparing for local Kindle hosting (5 / 30 mins spent)


    Hey trainmill, I am trying to finish 2 books and then I will buy and start on Radical Honesty. Thank you for the recommendation.


    Christie St, Fifth Ward
    • % of renters here: 58%, State Average: 38%
    • High school or higher: 59.6%, Bachelor's degree or higher: 5.9%, Graduate or professional degree: 2.0%, Unemployed: 20.1%
    • Median household income significantly below state average.
    • Median house value below state average.
    • Unemployed percentage above state average.
    • Black race population percentage significantly above state average.
    • Renting percentage above state average.
    • Length of stay since moving in significantly above state average. House age significantly above state average.
    • Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly below state average.




    The Weeknd Thursday
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    Friday, April 22, 2016

    1) Posted make up HIT for rejected workers
    2) Identify how many blocks are remaining to be filled on the Master Checklist (7/7 or 100% progress)
    3) Dribbled basketball in driveway as cardio (5 minutes)
    4) Spent 30 minutes formatting my manuscript and now I am going to test it locally 8)
    5) 4 Hour Work Week 6:27:00 - 6:58:00
    6) Played basketball for about 40 minutes, won a game of 21
    7) Do some life planning bro

    On Deck
    Send out first TM email
    State inspection

    It may seem as though I am running out of Parks to visit - although I am just reliving memories. But I find myself in a rut when I think about financial limitations that prevent me to just going to Florida or California right now, more emphasis on Florida. I really like the beach, it's been a few years actually.

    Shift my focus to gratitude. Being grateful of what I have now. Appreciate and give to my family members who are still alive. Enjoy every essence of life.

    Kid Cudi - mom 2

    700 Fill

    Lowkey alcoholic

    Cheaper hotel biking route Dallas idea
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    Saturday, April 23, 2016

    Accomplished Today
    1) Met with SB (notes taken, her illustration)

    2) Had a convo with PN about Dallas (novelty, adventure, and being on your parent's dime)
    3) Finished reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    4) Watched The Life of Benjamin Franklin on YouTube (1:49:00)
    5) 4 Hour Work Week: 7:08:00 - 7:33:00 (Check out Virtual Tourist & Hotel Chatter as a resource)

    Inspired By

    Quotes from Epilogue of Poor Richard's Almanac
    Early to Bed, and early to rise, makes a Man healthy, wealthy, and wise. - AOBF

    One To-day is worth two To-morrows, and farther, Have you somewhat to do To-morrow, do it To-day.

    If you were a Servant, would you not be ashamed that a good Master should catch you idle? Are you then your own Master, be ashamed to catch yourself idle.

    Stick to it steadily; and you will see great Effects, for Constant Dropping wears away Stones, and by Diligence and Patience the Mouse ate in two the Cable; and Little Strokes fell great Oaks.

    If you would have a faithful Servant, and one that you like, serve yourself.

    but remember what Poor Richard says, Many a Little makes a Mickle.

    If you would know the Value of Money, go and try to borrow some; for, he that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing.

    Poverty often deprives a Man of all Spirit and Virtue: 'Tis hard for an empty Bag to stand upright.

    If I knew a miser who gave up every kind of comfortable living , all the pleasure of doing good to others, all the esteem of his fellow citizens, and the joys of benevolent friendship , for the sake of accumulating wealth, Poor man, said I, you pay too much for your whistle.

    him, when he said hastily, "Stoop, stoop!" I did not understand him, till I felt my head hit against the beam. He was a man that never missed any occasion of giving instruction, and upon this he said to me , "You are young, and have the world before you; stoop as you go through it, and you will miss many hard thumps." This advice, thus beat into my head, has frequently been of use to me; and I often think of it, when I see pride mortified, and misfortunes brought upon people by their carrying their heads too high.

    Listened to K.I.D.S. by Mac Miller

    SB Internet marketing spent 30-40000, sales funnel design, ad copy, copyrighting, sales psychology, 3 years, 2 year business
    We talked about Co authoring (just to do it for money is not motivating) recording, finding a worthy transcriber, in 2 weeks

    Love yourself and it will be much easier to love others. - SB

    Work from your heart
    1) why
    2) people don't really care about you, they care about what they can get

    Nike airs separate my feet from the ground.

    Meeting with SB
    - progress since abolish
    - reading
    - journaling
    - hypnotherapy
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    Sunday, April 24, 2016

    1) Stream church
    2) Get a car wash
    3) Life planning -> especially health and finances
    4) Cancel my general lines license

    * Filled the TM Roster
    * Listened to The Iron Horse by The Sound Defects (15:00/ 43:10)
    * Listened to Faces by Mac Miller
    * Finished listening to The 4 Hour Work Week! 8)
    * Hippie Sabotage

    The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse

    What is holding me back from moving out if my mom's house?

    Reaching my fullest potential?

    What do I really want?

    Definite chief aim

    Get real, put some real numbers up, get a dollar amount of what needs to be saved & stick to it



    Because I want to move out of my mom's house?


    So I can be independent


    So I can go and leave when I want


    So I can be free

    Why do you want a successful business?

    It would support me and my fam and I can use the model to help friends and strangers
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    Monday, April 25, 2016

    Accomplished Today
    a) Listening to the Faces tape (31:00-1:01:00)

    b) Goal to reach 50 HITS submitted for today (not accomplished)

    Theme Flow Notes for Tonight's Meeting
    * Use the agenda for the guideline of the meeting (x)
    * Brought some humor and impromptu during the 1 minute sessions

    Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present - Buddha

    Enjoy your youth. You'll never be younger than you are at this very moment.” - Chad Sugg

    * I will give a brief intro at the start of the meeting after my greeting and a quote to start the meting off or a way that is fresh of thinking.
    Then I will say asked each of the members a question, how do they capture the moment
    and look at the prepared intros on gmail which should also be printed with the agendas
    * words of wisdom or my thoughts,
    * Conclude the meeting and thank everyone
    (Add that selfie logo image to my journal!)

    1) Printed complete agendas
    2) Pick up grandfather
    3) Attend dance recital
    4) Attend TM

    Pareto My Life (80% results from 20% action)

    Control expenses, record income and expenses, net daily

    What I consume, taking my medicine

    Doing what they ask

    Earn more than you spend, allocate a daily percentage of your income to your Travel fund.

    My Muse
    - Clixsense will be my marketing fund. With $16, I have enough for 3 fiverr book review gigs during a free promotion.

    List of Free Promotion Websites (next step is to Test to see if these sites are still available. If yes, what is the amount of days before a promotion that the site requires. The waiting period, is it 7 days, is it 14 days? (7) indicates 7 is the minimum amount of days out I can submit my free book to the website

    1 - (0)
    2 - All ebooks submitted must have 5 or more reviews at the time of the book promotion or they will not be considered. (0?)
    3 - (in the next 30 days)
    4 - (0)
    5 -
    6 - (your book must have 3 reviews)
    7 -
    8 -
    9 - (must be an e-mail subscriber to their blog)
    10 -
    11 - (weird, a book pin, did not allow me to put free date, is different from others)
    12 -
    13 - (for the Kindle Book Review, need 14 day notice if using the free promo option)
    14 -
    15 -
    16 -
    17 - (must sign up for a free account)
    18 - (no submit button?)
    19 -
    20 -
    21 -

    Good but not pareto for getting reviews - DO ENOUGH, AND THEN MORE, HELPFUL AND SELFLESS THINGS FOR OTHERS AND WHEN IT....

    Pareto for book reviews -> reaching people who are active readers in this niche

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016
    On Deck
    $7 earned, (70 pushups, 70 sit ups, 70 jumping jacks)

    Post my review for the Cleanse book
    Politely ask / remind mom for copy of insurance
    Miracle #1, since drought
    (Silence (10 minutes, sitting outside in nature and watching the pond and the birds play tho), Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading (10 minutes), Scribing)

    Listened to full watching movies
    Walked outside for 60 minutes
    Listened to Glitch Mob up to 14 minutes
    The game of life and how to play it (00:00 - 25:00 of 2:41:00)
    Called DP, freedom accountability check on Thursday 04/28 (2 days)
    Review (), revise (), and organize my journal (x)

    Scribing section
    What I am grateful for
    What I am proud of myself for
    Where can I improve

    Notes from Learning
    Knowles Free Marketing Promo Coming

    Free E-books group on Facebook and post one of those post like the Indians but make it like writing neat copy.
    You can copy/paste one of Tom's examples on his page (do this then improve)

    Refer to all the websites in Knowles video, and to all the websites in the review video with notes that I already took, sign up for all those sites and prepare for free promotion which will be on these days (I am going to be planning ahead) -> (Wednesday) May 4, (Thursday) May 5, or (Friday) May 6th to start the free promotion, I can schedule it in my KDP dashboard

    Sign up for Kindle boards, create a list in my journal of the all the websites from all three souces that I am aware of. It should be 10+

    Organize by forum, free book submission site, review site, etc...
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    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    a) Earned $5 (50 pushups, 50 sit ups, 50 jumping jacks)
    b) Submitted SS book to 5 free promotion websites
    c) Spent 25+ focused minutes on my Kindle business
    d) Walked outside for 50 minutes +

    Today is Book Day - where I will focus a majority of my effort on closing the open loops.

    1) Contrary to Love
    2) The Game of Life and How to Play It (40:00 - 1:10:00)
    3) Radical Honesty

    Today's Visuals
    Dj Okawari

    SS Free Promo Submissions
    1 - yes, 3 - yes, 8 - yes, 14 - yes, 15 - yes

    Notes: Despite the difficulty with technology, I pull through on the smart phone. Mission accomplished!
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    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Action is the real measure of intelligence.
    - Napoleon Hill

    Stop polishing your Ferrari and put some fuel in it!


    Very motivational article / topic sent by my dear friend PN


    It kind of feels like our lives are made up of a countless number of weeks. But there they are—fully countable—staring you in the face.

    Sometimes life seems really short, and other times it seems impossibly long. But this chart helps to emphasize that it’s most certainly finite. Those are your weeks and they’re all you’ve got.

    thinking about my own weeks and how I tend to use them, I decided that there are two good ways to use a diamond:

    1) Enjoying the diamond

    2) Building something to make your future diamonds or the diamonds of others more enjoyable


    a) Listened to Entrepreneur On Fire Ep. #1206 (Teach Everything You Know, Invest Learn Teach, John Lee Dumas & Lawrence Howlett) (x)
    b) Car inspection completed (x)
    c) Walked outside for 20+ minutes (x)
    d) 50 minute call with DP on Week 7 of Abolisher course - Health (x)
    e) The Game of Life 1:10:00 - 1:40:00
    f) Spent 5 focused minutes on building Kindle muse knowledge (x)
    g) 4 - yes


    Where is your energy? Low, Neutral, High... are you present? Sitting up? Aware? Ready?

    I am high energy, in a sitting state. But am aware that standing and moving is great for my energy.

    Think about the 3 areas that you wanted to most focus on from the weekend....

    1) Health
    2) My Muse
    3) Finances -> earning more, not spending as much as I make, saving something by a percentage

    Do you have the mental strength to WIN OVER THE SABOTEUR?

    Morning is the strongest, late at night before the bedtime is the weakest -> like Zombie mode on facebook or youtube, JUST GO TO SLEEP!

    I would rate my health a 7 right now because my nutrition is lacking fresh fruits and vegetable every day (every meal), my water intake is better maybe 3-5 glasses a day, I walk everyday (and also longboard), I would like to improve my sleep patterns by bed time and waking up and miracle morning in the morning. Taking my medicine everyday.

    I also want to exert more control over my smoking and rid myself of PMO

    Questions for myself

    • What is lack of true vibrant health costing you?


    • What is it costing your family?

    Awareness, being present in the moment.

    • What is it costing your dreams/ your whole reason to be alive?

    Progress, realization, and immersion.

    Write down 3 things you can do tonight to cement in your true focus on OVERALL HEALTH

    1) planning
    2) execution
    3) routine

    • What has it cost you to be sabotaged in your health?
    • What do you want now?

    Decide what you WILL change in your health habits - no more excuses - no more story • What will you need to change, free up, invest in, commit to, ask for, discuss to gain the health your life deserves? • How will you take your power back from the saboteur and claim your ultimate health?

    Discipline and routine so then your body wants it

    Not being in the moment, not giving my all in the moment (be in your heart more), being present

    Play hard, word hard, and work with enthusiasm. - DP
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    Friday, April 29, 2016

    a) Finished listening to The Game of Life and How to Play It: 1:40:00 - 2:41:00 (and performed a brief review)
    b) Spent 13 minutes in Kindle work (Target Reader Profile, Project Completion Report, Writing a Review for Positive Thinking)


    Idk trainmill, I want to chill (but I have friends who chill all the time, and they don't seem to be going anywhere - at least not where I want to go in life) but there's always a book to read, always an action to take to create my business, and I have realized a valuable lesson (which I already knew but it was a great reminder) - that our life is finite!

    I can't waste a minute, although I do have quiet / silent time throughout the day. Thanks for checking up, I hope all is well on your end!


    Brainstorming cheapest ways to establish credibility
    (Consider Pareto actions for maximum results)

    1) IABC - $344 /yr

    2) Toastmasters - $80 / yr

    Florence Scovel Shinn

    10 Day

    *** Radical Honesty 3% - 5% Quotes

    The better you are at getting by with playing hide-and-seek during adolescence, the harder it is to grow up.

    Deadening ourselves was our way of hiding that we were alive in improper ways, and the only thing to do was to keep it a secret.

    When, how, and particularly why an accident occurred doesn't make a damn bit of difference to a body-shop man. He's only interested in results.

    When it pops out, if it does, he sands it off, paints it and sends it out. If it doesn't pop out, he replaces it. He is pragmatic, experienced, and confident of the essential flexibility of the material with which he works.
  19. ChampionJr

    ChampionJr Member

    Saturday, April 30, 2016

    "Find a way to end suffering."

    "If you want anything to improve, you cannot improve something unless you manage it. And you can't manage it unless you MEASURE IT. The more (better, and also higher quality) you measure your business/life/etc., the better it gets. Measure when you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and when you are feeling emotion, abolish it!"

    a) Listened to Entrepreneur On Fire Ep. #1272 (John Lee Dumas & Tony Robbins) (x)
    b) Had a conversation with two neighbors about investing, traveling, saving money, living life



    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    a) Submitted SS to 5 free promo sites (5 - yes, 7 - yes, 12 - yes, 16 - yes, 19 - yes)
    b) Ate a foot long meatball marinara at Subway
    c) Reading Contrary To Love 20% - 27%
    d) Spent 20+ focused minutes on building Kindle muse
    e) Optimizing Kindle Categories, Email List Building And Facebook Marketing With Nick Stephenson (51:40 / 51:40)
    f) Beans coffee
    g) Listened to Majid Jordan - A Place Like This
    h) Walked outside for 60+ minutes, and danced outside too

    Today's Visuals

    Majid Jordan - A Place Like This

    Creative Penn Podcast

    Watching Movies from 04/25
  20. ChampionJr

    ChampionJr Member

    Monday, May 2, 2016

    a) Created job posting for 3rd book
    b) Listened to the complete Section 80
    c) Sunny Hippie Sabotage
    e) Watched "How to sell a million books with CJ Lyons" on YouTube
    f) Reading Contrary to Love - 27% - 33%
    g) Walked outside @ Arboretum for 65+ minutes
    h) Crazy Bread

    On Deck
    * Start on Nick Stephenson

    Today's Visual

    Section 80 by Kendrick Lamar

    Sunny by Hippie Sabotage

    Danger DOOM - The Mouse and the Mask


    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Imposing a standard of album artwork at 220 width and the auto adjustment height made by photobucket

    a) Listened to Count Me In by Rebelution
    b) Listened to Peace of Mind (Acoustic) by Rebelution
    c) Listened to Indigo by Nylo
    d) Created a PMO, Mary Jane, Alcohol, & Fast Food behavior sheet (quality & quantity)
    e) Mark my calendar properly for UPW sections
    f) Coffee from you know where
    g) Walking outside for 80+ minutes
    h) Initiated the 3rd book writing project with a more complete starting outline than I had for my last book.
    Upwork will be changing their rates significantly in June so my goal is to complete the project before then. I will probably need to find some more platforms to get content from and to find other workers to compete with the bids I am paying at Upwork. Other than that, I am excited about my third project.
    i) Completed Corson Knowles course

    On Deck
    b) Reply to TR email

    e) Browse lodging options for that period of time marked on calendar
    f) Update UPW budget plan


    Number one job as an author is to be an entertainer. If it it not interesting, funny, sexy, weird.. etc -> it will not keep the attention of your readers

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