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    Friday, March 25, 2016

    I had Taco Bell for dinner and I will finish Burn Notice tonight. I have implemented a counter and I am extremely motivated to take on this journey. I will journal in the morning, during or directly after my Miracle Morning. (which I will be practicing more often)

    04/10/16 - Plan your miracles the night before, go to sleep on time, 11 pm is my bed tme - bed times are not bad, they will increase my productivity and can be an avenue to combat PMO

    I want to begin by improving my nutrition, my daily goals include:
    • Drink 8 glasses of water
    • Avoid eating any fried foods
    • Log all the food I eat and the glasses of water I drink

    How can I implement and improve my nutrition? -> I have taken a small step and that will be logging my nutrition.

    I also want to have a Miracle in the morning so I will need to go to bed shortly after finishing Burn Notice.

    I will implement a counter. I have purchased a course on uDemy about mini habits - I intend to apply that course for a different approach.

    04/12/16 - I will practice good health today by exercising, eating oatmeal, and drinking water.
    04/26/16 - That spreadsheet tho

    Plans for Saturday, March 26, 2016 (be realistic)

    • Abolisher course - review first video
    • Finish Toby Robbins
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    Hey trainmill,

    Yes, I have read the book. I would like to apply it more consistently in my life!
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    * I have been making a habit of using my Google calendar and tracking time

    Tonight, I will give my Miracle Morning speech and I'm going for gold!

    I am dancing tonight after TM, so shake hands and bounce.

    I am about to buy a small chocolate peanut power plus.

    I will net $15+ today.
    I will read through the latest copy of my manuscript.
    I will scribe in my physical journal.
    I will go to bed by 11:30 PM.

    04/10/16 - While unemployed, I do not call as much therefore I am not setting appointments.

    I have not been going to meetups. I am planning a solo trip where I may meet someone but my focus is just me. So what should I do?

    04/12/16 - Today I went to my first meetup in a while for the UPW launch. I signed up feeling in my mind a bit of hesitation because of the price tag. Nonetheless, I am confident in my ability to raise the money and pay my debts and still save and invest all at once. The secret will be asset allocation and the execution of my strategy on the income I earn.
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    How Did I Get Here?

    * Misplaced my garage door opener remote, worst case is a replacement for ~$50
    * I will finish reading Master The Game today

    04/10/16 - I remember finding my remote in my back pack. This can be an analogy for the solution to my behavior with marijuana and adult content to be right around the corner. If I will calm my mind and listen.
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    04/02/2016 -

    Wrapping up the day I had yesterday. Woke up around 12:30 PM with 2 missed calls from TR. I was a no show to a meeting today and I would like to make it up to my dear friend and mentor TR.

    PMO x3 -> home alone, bored, unplanned day, shame & guilt from being a no show flake

    Despite the minor setback, I made a major comeback by earning $17 and not spending any money today.

    * Now *

    * I started playing RuneScape and it wasn't that bad. I play Clash Royale, lately I have been seeking free games.
    * I have my 8th speech coming up on Monday.
    * I am meeting CH tomorrow and I am very excited.
    * I am 4 hours away from finishing Zig Ziglar's tape.
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    Saturday, 04/02/16 (continued) -

    At the general meeting turning up, not really but somewhat. Since I'm done at NM, I don't feel like networking. Just came to speak for the slot.

    Creating a dream day
    a) Fulfill the slot at the gm (x)
    b) Cup of coffee at Beans (x)
    c) Help SS move (x)
    d) Start reading Pennies On The Dollar (x)
    e) Drink 8 glasses if water (2/8)
    f) Perform Miracle Morning ()
    g) Ziglar 3:52
    h) Play basketball for 1 hour+ (x)

    04/10/16 - A new opportunity for me to explore and create my own business model is provided by Amazon Kindle. Stay focused, plan, and create the destiny I truly desire. I must define it first.

    04/12/16 - I played basketball today (did some shooting) and went to Beans and got coffee. I must say, today was a good day.
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    Saturday, April 3, 2016 - Sunday, April 4, 2016

    What did I do today?
    1) Listened to Ziglar HTSM - 5:54
    2) Met with CH at Starbucks
    3) Visited Austin, TX
    4) Spoke with PN about life goals
    5) Listened to Beat by Bowery Electric

    Lake side spot - Austin, TX

    Torchy's Tacos - Austin, TX

    Zig Ziglar Cover

    Beat - Bowery Electric

    Where are you now?
    * Unemployed
    * Living with mom
    * Building a kindle publishing business
    * Drive a corolla
    * $0 passive income / less interest and dividends
    * Single
    * Well read and involved in personal growth

    Where do you want to be?
    * A winning speaker on this Monday
    * To do something I have never done today
    * To speak with my writer and pass the potato back to her before I leave Austin, so maybe at Einstein Bros in the AM

    Nutrition Log
    Subway, Meatball Marinara (1200+ calories)
    Torchy's Tacos, Beef Tacos (450+ calories)

    04/21/16 - Wow, I miss Austin, TX. I have such a dream and am grateful for my family paving the way and doing the best they can, I love them. My cash flow is really getting to me because I don't have the income yet but I have the dream and I will work very hard to keep trying and failing until something clicks. To 10,000 and beyond Mr. Gladwell!
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    Monday, April 4th, 2016

    I am making a better habit of journaling. I am grateful for my family, finances, and health in life and know that today will be another awesome day filled with adventure!

    Starting the day off with writing my 8th speech which will be about smart phones and their incredible usefulness. I also caught some RuneScape time in, had a lot of fun.


    And also, I played some Clash Royale. Before I leave, I want to:

    Eventually completed = ec
    1) Send manuscript back to writer (ec)
    2) Complete RD and Outline for 8th speech (ec)
    3) Oil change before 1 pm (ec)

    04/21/16 - I need to get my inspection sticker done at Jiffy Lube tomorrow morning. It seems I'm there relatively often but they do a good service and have a very neat computer information system that has a flawless work flow. I do enjoy it thoroughly.
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    Monday April 4th, 2016

    Never give in and never give up.

    -Hubert H Humphrey

    * Drive back from Austin
    * Finished a tape
    * Had the urge to look at YouTube
    * Bought donuts ($6)
    * Splurged urge, no one was home and I didn't have anything planned
    * Ended up skipping TM, it's like I'm trying to build this dream life but I still endulge in these behaviors.

    The YouTube app is killing me. Besides…

    But should probably dive deeper into the thought process from urge to execution to guilt to warm shower to three hour nap missing out on money or doing something else with my life and then blazing afterwards. I've repeated this habit loop well over 100 times. It's deep. So I go for a dream life but when I'm home....

    Life is good, redirecting my mindset now. I am positive, I have a wonderful life. Now it's time to make it better:

    1) Read McLean book for ~20 minutes
    2) Listened to The Strangest Secret once
    3) Earned $5 net ($11 income - $6 food = $5 net)
    4) Watched Villanova win the NCAA championship
    5) Watched The Benchwarmers on Netflix

    The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

    “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

    The Benchwarmers

    "I smell cinnamon rolls"
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    Thanks for your interest trainmill.

    I want to pursue the great life and get rid of not so great life lol.

    I started reading books about a year ago. Now I can't stop.
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    Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

    I am staying up a little late this night working on my book project. I have spent about 30 minutes to 1 hour actually reading and revising the content. I will be sending the rough copy to my writer with instructions to address for the final chapter. Then I want to set up a market survey (need a budget) to decide on the best title. When that is decided, then I will hire a cover guy/gal on Fiverr. Next step is to finish this edit and get the next milestone going.

    I have BJ's pizza in the fridge and am watching Johnny Test on Netflix. This is the way life should be. (well at least for me)

    1. Bounced back project to writer successfully
    2. Meeting with AF at Canyon Creek
    -- Steak Nachos ** ($18)
    3. Listening to Beautiful Loser by Kyle
    4. Reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (3%)
    5. Established a habit of doing 10 jumping jacks and 10 pushups for every $1 I make today.
    6. Listened to Billionaire's Podcast - Malcom Gladwell Outliers (46:53)
    7. Earned $7 so far (70 jumping jacks, 70 push ups)
    8. Penny boarding in my city, not to mention the jack, cig, and blunt in hand

    Vision board of today
    Canyon Creek with AF

    An Excellent Book - Has Already Dramatically Expanded my Vocabulary

    Beautiful Loser - Kyle

    "This is a hit and I'll make more. They'll come knockin' on my door."

    Investor Podcast
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    Tuesday April 5th cont.
    Penny boarding in the city 8)





    Wednesday April 6th, 2016

    1. Update with pictures from yesterday
    2. Plan another weekend in A Town (5 minutes)
    * Days
    * Budget
    * Places To Go
    4. Cancel my license (5 minutes)
    5. Earned $13 (10 pushups, 10 jumping jacks) 10 of each at every $1

    In Progress
    * Schedule hair cut
    * The Art of Money Getting - P.T. Barnum (37:00)


    Reach out to VR
    Oil change ($29.50)
    Reach out to LL, VR
    Finished watching all lectures in Kindle Evergreen course
    Chocolate Peanut Power Plus ($4.95)
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    Thursday April 7, 2016

    I'd say it's all a process of gaining emotional control.
    - Wabi-sabi

    I Had An Awesome Day List
    * Earned $6 (Did 10 pushups and 10 jumping jacks)
    * Listened to Acid Rap
    * Read Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 20%
    * 4 Hour Work Week (5:38)
    * Visited The Menil Collection and saw Surrealism


    Art of Money Getting by P.T. Barnum
    Hair cut $15
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    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Waking up feeling sluggish, why I am here?

    Every hour is a new opportunity to create something wonderful in this world. Everyone may not like it but it's not personal. My creations are purposed for readers, so they have a major say.

    Feeling like I need to escape, but escape never comes. Or it does artificially and then I must return to what I've created. This comes as a result of staying in my comfort zone and not reaching out to people who have inspired me.

    I want to visit Corpus Christi for 3.5 days. Trip estimated cost: $600

    Daily Activity
    * 4 Hour Work Week - 1:18:00
    * Kindle Bestseller Course, Lectures 3-6
    * Galveston trip
    * Goal is 20 minutes of Kindle Publishing effort ()
    * Walked and penny boarded 30 minutes outside
    * Made 10 three pointers and played a pick up game
    * Reading autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 33%




    Lessons Learned
    Next time I come to G town, bring something light backpack with a towel/cushion to sit on.

    04/10/16 - I don't know if it's the travel bug, or my thirst for discovery - of the world map... but I am thrilled about traveling to other places by myself and continue working on my book publishing project. It is realistic to me, I will handle it.
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    Saturday, April 9th, 2016

    Resolve to do one thing that you fear every day.
    - EOFire


    Why am I not making as much as progress as I hope?

    Because I'm operating on hope and have relayed on weak will power. Don't get down on yourself, you are making a better effort of journaling and being mindful. I am planning an awesome trip!

    Are my goals for this clearly defined?

    Not for this. I honestly don't have a goal and a plan for execution.

    Why am I doing to move forward on a daily basis?

    What are some Pareto decisions I can make to dramatically alter my outcome?

    Where am I? Where do I want to be? How do I get there?

    I live in one of the richest and most abundant countries in the world! There is so much opportunity for me it can be overwhelming at times. Now is my moment to focus and have a blast creating this Muse but more importantly, serving others exponentially.

    What am I putting off most because of fear?

    04/21/16 - Devoting all my time and energy into my business - instead, I am scrambling for the dollars all day. Which is not terrible because creating a product involves money. But lately I have been trading a lot of my time for money, so I am going to make a notion to work smarter not harder. And besides that, I need to call TM (coach) tomorrow and speak about the course, which I paid for 2/3 of my agreement but I don't feel I am getting the full use or need or time devotion or cash devotion honestly even though I love her seminars and events. So I want to drop out. That last payment can be for Dallas honestly. I gotta go.


    Daily Activity
    * Went to IHOP in the morning for niece-cousin's birthday
    * Party at 3 pm
    * 222, regular and complex, RIPCD, put 3 covers with baby meech
    * Udemy lecture Knowles
    * Job posted for an editor
    * 4 Hour Work Week - 1:29:00
    * Watch a movie? Or YouTube documentary like Art of War?

    Today's Visual



    * Funded for my trip - 1.75%
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    Foreward - YBOP

    It represents a tuning of the reward system from a very healthy type of reward, that of forming a genuine and intimate connection with another, into a type of reward that removes the user from social contact, and often leaves them feeling lonely and ashamed rather than connected and supported.

    It is truly frightening to learn the degree to which internet pornography can damage and alienate individuals who have become badly addicted to watching it.

    It is truly beautiful to see people who have lost themselves in this addiction turn their lives around.

    Within this same technological medium, a medium which often threatens to make us impersonal, this group has found a way to move from an activity which is completely solitary and detached to something that is deeply altruistic, brave, personal and meaningful.


    I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self. Aristotle

    This is about the effects of chronic overconsumption of sexual novelty, delivered on demand in endless supply.

    1) The Brain That Changes Itself
    2) Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex
    3) The New Naked

    Each time they felt sexual excitement and had an orgasm when they masturbated, a ‘spritz of dopamine’, the reward neurotransmitter, consolidated the connections made in the brain during the sessions.

    The content of what they found exciting changed as the Web sites introduced themes and scripts that altered their brains without their awareness.

    At last they understood how porn had hijacked the primitive appetite mechanisms of their brains. These ancient brain structures urge us toward evolutionarily beneficial behaviours including an appreciation of novel mates, helping to discourage inbreeding.

    It can make us hyper-aroused by our favourite enticements, such that immediate wants weigh heavier than they should relative to longer term desires. It can also sour our enjoyment of – and responsiveness to – everyday pleasures. It can drive us to seek more extreme stimulation. Or cause withdrawal symptoms so severe that they send even the most strong-minded of us bolting for relief. It can also alter our mood, perception and priorities – all without our conscious awareness.

    Sadly, many were motivated by severe sexual dysfunctions (delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction and loss of attraction to real partners).

    In May, 2014, the prestigious medical journal JAMA Psychiatry published research showing that, even in moderate porn users, use (number of years and current hours per week) correlates with reduced grey matter and decreased sexual responsiveness.

    Chapter 1

    It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. Eugene Ionesco

    [Quitting porn] helped reverse the porn-induced ED of these guys, and besides normal libido they started reporting other positive changes too: depression and social anxiety going away, increased confidence, the feeling of fulfilment and being on top of the world...

    Today, on my 109th day of a streak, I feel happy, confident, social, smart, capable of meeting any challenge, etc., etc.

    Then came video rentals and late-night cable channels. These media were more stimulating than static porn and much less awkward to access than a film at the cinema.

    I think the tube sites, with their endless clips immediately accessible, threw my brain into overload.

    It's like this sensory overload, or hoarding, or just overstuffing yourself with your favourite junk food.

    Now with high-speed, even to smartphones, it has made me continuously watch more and more and at higher resolution.

    Deep in a primitive part of the brain, surfing tube sites registers as really valuable because of all the sexual novelty.
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    Sunday, April 10, 2016

    On Deck
    * 20 minutes of Kindle work (x)
    * Answer journal questions (x)
    * Provide commentary on resonating quotes ()
    * Church stream - 26:00/110:00 ()

    * YBR journal review and update (x)
    * Walk outside and take pictures at the arboretum (x)
    * Reading YBOP (10%) and c/p quotes that resonate for me (x)
    * Listen to 4 Hour Work Week - 2:16:00 (x)
    * Helping SS move (x)
    * Celebrating 2nd Birthday with ZS (x)
    * Post Mturk Title and Subtitle survey (x)

    Funded for my trip - 2%
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    Arboretum from 04/10/16





    Monday, April 11, 2016

    May have a little carried away with goal setting yesterday.

    Woke up needing excitement and being disgusted by routine. Went to bed by 10 Pm, which was amazing because I woke up around 5:30 AM and now at 9:30 AM, I feel like I've been up for a while and the day just started. I really love this feeling, I don't like waking up at 11 AM or noonish after the day has been going for a while.

    Why do I like The Weeknd so much?

    Today's Visuals


    "She was holding hands with Trevor. Well the less I know the better."

    4 Hour Work Week 2:28:00

    Thanks trainmill! :)


    I want to visit the million dollar homes on Kirby Dr today and add them to my vision board / today's visual list.

    Taking my best friend PN's goal setting idea, Here are my 3 goals for today:

    3) Receive current responses form my survey and fine tune the survey
    Add feedback box at end
    Increase pay a bit?

    / Add 25 more respondent slots
    4) Decide on an appropriate title and subtitle
    5) Hire an editor
    6) Reach out to lady who makes awesome covers with my title and subtitle chosen

    * Walk outside for 45 minutes (x)
    * Visit million dollar homes (x)
    * Finished writing 8th Speech (x)
    * Recite 8th speech, 5 times (7/5)
    * Deliver my 8th speech and give it my all tonight (x)
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    3689 Del Monte
    (Appraised value as of Jan. 1, 2016)
    -- Single Family House, Built in 2006
    -- 5 bedrooms / 6 full, 2 partial bathrooms
    -- 8,210 SF
    -- Land ($2,473,380)
    -- Improvements ($2,950,541)
    -- Market ($5,423,921)
    -- Appraised ($5,423,921)
    -- Built in 2006





    3735 Inwood
    (Appraised value as of Jan. 1, 2016)
    -- Single Family House, Built in 2004
    -- 4 bed / 6 bathrooms
    -- 7,873 SF
    -- Land ($1,436,025)
    -- Improvements ($2,395,975)
    -- Market ($3,832,000)
    -- Appraised ($3,832,000)
    -- Built in 2004






    • Redfin
    • City Data (demographics)
    • HCAD
    • Size, value, built in year, bed/bath
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    Tuesday, April 12, 2016


    Use Travel account for Corpus (x)
    Use Education account for UPW (x)

    On Deck
    Abolisher courses (she said we were on Week 5 and to be on the lookout for an email)
    a) Class 1 (35:00/1:17:10)
    - importance of physiology
    - processes (mirror, pillow, abolish, courageous conversation (comes from the heart))
    - promote the saboteur
    -- the saboteur KNOWS, it knows where your weaknesses are, what your old habits are, your old environments, it has the file cabinet of exactly what you did in the past and how you screwed up... which means it knows everything about you, therefore it can help you because it knows you best
    -- transforming your saboteur into your CEO, your warrior, your wizard

    b) Class 2
    c) Bonus Class

    Need to be watched, create a plan to watch them

    Listened to 4 Hour Work Week - 2:55

    Today's Visuals
    Operation Doomsday

    * Initiate 1 contract with a sample of 200 words, to gauge the capability of a seemingly qualified editor (x)
    * Made 40 variety mid range shots at Herman Brown Park for about 30 minutes (x)
    * Eat some oatmeal today ()

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