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    How long did it take to get rid of him, but Vet did not get rid of it. Realizing what I was doing wrong, I realized that it was time to end this. It's been like half a year to get away from it, but still, no matter how much I want to, I can't. "But why?" I posed this question and began to look for an answer. I spent a lot of time looking for an answer and yet I found it, then I realized that I was doing everything wrong, that how I got rid of Vice was finally not a deliverance, I just counted the days of my abstinence and didn’t do anything, I didn’t try something new or do something I didn't do anything, but just abstained. Realizing this, I began to somehow devote my free time to useful things, but I did this only during the summer holidays after the end of the first course. (By the way, being a 2nd course is pretty cool :) ) And even when I was working during the holidays, I was fond of other useful activities that I loved, seriously ... I broke down. As soon as I took away my attention to watching TV for at least an hour, and then I began to think about Porn and how to proceed, I didn’t think ... I just broke down, And then another mistake and exactly when you accidentally see something intimate or sex on TV It seemed to me that something that makes you excited and that's all ... The outcome of events is extremely clear.
    .Line of sight
    .Free time for an hour or more
    These 4 types prevented me from continuing to act.
    But I am not one of the timid and knowing my mistakes, I will be extremely attentive and careful and continue to fight him further and further.
    And if I have the will, she will leave
    You just need to believe in yourself and know that with the help of willpower you can defeat this crap with him, which makes you continue to do this rubbish.

    If you have any advice on how to continue to deal with it, I would be grateful
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    I write English badly, so I'm sorry

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