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Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ClimbXR, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Sorry for not updating regularly. Have been so busy with work and not approaching...till this Wednesday.

    Approach # 10

    Australian girl at gourmet supermarket. This was about an hour before my interview and I was killing time. I just started talking to her and we're meeting up today to hang out in the city. I'm going to show her a few of my favorite places.
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  2. Londoner

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    Nice going!
  3. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Ok, so I'm starting this thread up again and going to really try hard this time to just talk to a girl every time it's someone I find interesting/want to get to know. I'm going to keep a list of the 100 encounters and see what happens.

    How many of us pass by women who are around our age who we wish we just chatted up or tried to get to know. It's just a shame to not try. And I will

    This is really my top goal in terms of social improvement, being able to just talk with an easy flow with any women regardless of the situation or who it is. I want it to be natural and not forced. I think it's definitely a practice skill (even though having a sharp wit is a bit harder).
  4. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    I'm definitely following your progress and your approach. Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Ooh yaaz he's back! hitting refresh every minute here :p
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  6. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    So I am starting the approach counter over. Yesterday was day 1 and a completely missed opportunity. It's definitely harder than it appears! I've decided to write about missed opportunities here just so you guys see that girls are everywhere and you don't have to go to a bar/club!!

    APPROACH 0 (Three Missed Opportunities)

    On my way to my job I should have chatted up a girl that sat two seats away from me at the coffee shop at communal table. Instead, I was eavesdropping on a convo of this total babe and an old lady about some knitting club. I just froze, didn't want to sound like a nosey intruder. I should have at least spoken to the girl seated alone.

    On my way back there were two really cute girls, most likely mid 30s and my age, well put together. You know how girls with amazing bodies look good even if they aren't in tight clothing. You have to be really thin to pull that look off in winter clothing.

    They were waiting for the train to be announced and I was standing next to them. Things to say kept running through my head and I just couldn't think of anything that didn't sound ridiculous.

    The first thought in my mind was highly inappropriate:

    You girls look mighty fine for over 30, awesome figures and hair. Definitely have perfect yoga bodies underneath all that winter clothing. But I wonder if you are just as hot if all that makeup is taken off .

    The only line I could think of:
    *Does this train go to the airport? ( a decent line but lame)

    I didn't have the guts to say it.

    They ended up sitting in front of me on the train. I really wish I said something to them. Not going to kill myself about missing this approach but definitely a missed opportunity. Need to stop caring if I sound like a fool and allowing myself to have these shallow thoughts pass through.
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  7. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    Great read. Recognizing opportunities is the first step to seizing them. You are just warming up, brother. Game time will happen soon enough!
  8. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Day 2
    Yesterday no appropriate girls at all, just old ladies. I'm not a fan of going to clubs/bars but I think I will have to select a few places to go to every week (maybe art events) because relying on who crosses my path isn't always good
  9. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Day 3

    Approach 1

    There's been a girl at a coffee shop that I've been chatting with briefly but was never really able to talk to because of customers or bad timing. I've had fantasies about her because she's quite hot. Today, there was a moment where she was alone and we got to talking. The conversation was pretty good but I was awkward at moments, sometimes being tongue tied (probably because I was nervous). She's very young, probably 21 and a big flirt with everyone.It turned out today was her last day at the shop. She's not exactly the woman I want to date, considering she hasn't found herself in life, and is not particularly financially stable. But I'm attracted to her. I stumbled in conversation and said something like "hopefully we bump into each other again." I was killing myself at work for not getting her email at least.

    Fortunately, on my way home to the train I passed the coffee shop again and she went outside for a smoke. We chatted some more, I was once again a bit tongue tied but the conversation was decent.The snow was falling on her thick luxurious hair, and I wish I mentioned how gorgeous she looked. Oh well....mental note...don't hesitate to say a genuine compliment in the moment!

    She has the same dream of going to the west coast as me! It was surreal and I told her that I found my soulmate. She wasn't creeped out over it and even said she's looking for someone to go with to the west. I got her email but it was't as smooth as I wanted. Will see what happens. In terms of pickup terminology I wasn't particularly seductive or manly and I definitely need to work on that. As a Barista, the girl has been trained to be friendly with everyone, so it's hard for me to gauge if her behavior was genuine. Ultimately, it's the actions she will take. I sent her an email asking some info about the place she wants to move to and we'll see what happens from there.

    Things Learned: Have a clear direction of where you want to take the conversation (end point). I should have gotten to the email faster. Second, don't hesitate to compliment in the moment.

    Also,the only way to not be awkward is to have a clear vision of who you are and not give a shit what people think about it. Working on it daily!

    I feel much better writing this all out.
  10. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    Exciting! Good job! I'm anxious to see how the whole thing pans out :)
  11. TrueSelf

    TrueSelf Member

    Did you end up asking her out on a date?

    Also for some reason I found the story where you spilled coffee on the dog freaking hilarious (although it would have been funnier if he hadn't ended up biting you).

    Thanks for sharing.
  12. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Yesterday, I missed two approaches. One girl, on the train had quirky red glasses I could have easily commented on. The second one was waiting in line at coffee shop with a hundred sheep dolls and one was black. I wanted to say, "finally, they got a black one." Froze both times. Really sucks, but gotta keep going. I might use the second line in the future since I go that shop a lot.

    Approach # 2, Today

    Was at my favorite coffee shop and sat at long table next to cute girl. She was writing stuff in a notebook, automatically had the line to ask her about her fancy notebook... but just didn't do it. As she was getting up to leave I deliberately made eye contact and smiled and she smiled back (always worry I look creepy). She made the first comment about how great a certain pastry is at the she broke the ice, which is really really rare for women. I ended up asking her about her notebook and we had a little chat. Wish I asked her more about the city where she bought it, etc... I dunno, I should have really taken the conversation further! She seemed interested Seriously, what's wrong with me, I should have seen what would have happened. She wished me a good day and that was it. I need to approach without any hesitation but make it seem like it's not about the girl right away. That's the trick, I see. Women are masters at small talk and are rarely nervous about it. I need to stop caring that I'm poor or not good enough. I feel that is still slightly running in the back of my mind and preventing me from being more flirty with these girls...the fear of them learning I live in a dumpy suburb with trashy folk. Well, that's about to change, I don't care anymore.

    Once again, end goal is get phone number,by talking more to learn personal info, being slightly flirty and closing.
    Also getting her to smile and laugh.

    On to the next one!

    PS: Approach #1 did not send email, not surprised.
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  13. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    No approaches today. Was out shopping and all old ladies. Now busy working
  14. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Sunday, no approaches. Going forward will definitely try to ask all approaches out them or get number, will up the stakes to make this more interesting. Also will be cool to see how many fake numbers/dead ends versus actual dates.
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  15. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    How is it going Climb? Have you given up on the approaches?
  16. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Been a month of mostly stagnation in the personal front. I had four encounters with really angry women who were not too pleased I tried chatting to them. Bad timing and location on my part. I decided to hold off on forcing the approaches but only talking to women if they are open and willing to chat.

    On a good note: I installed a few dating apps on my phone on April 1st and have two dates coming up. One tomorrow and another Wednesday.

    I think I will change this to my 100 date counter. I'm making hundreds of interactions on dating app, not really real world approaches but I think it's much better for me at this point to actually go on 100 first dates with women who actually want to see me from apps/online.

    If I can pick up a girl on the street, I will add the date as well.
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  17. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Date #1

    From dating app:

    Crowded bar. Girl was nice and warm. I did very little talking, was actually a bit upset at how noisy the place was and was thinking I ruined the atmosphere. But it forced her to open up and I really enjoyed the time. I asked to meet her again and she agreed. Will see how it goes.
  18. ClimbXR

    ClimbXR Active Member

    Date # 1B

    Second date from previous. Ended up being much fatter than I perceived. Sweet girl but not compatible.

    Need to work on being more confident when just meeting. Was a bit awkward standing around.

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