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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by HyperSonicSpree, Oct 18, 2019.

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    Today I relapsed after 9 days and not that I feel too bad I just want to quit in general so I feel like I would be more apt to stop if I make a journal to post in everyday. I started my new experiment because its what i like doing every now and then. Im taking 2 potassium pills, 1 ginseng complex pill, 2 zinc mag n calcium combo pills and 1 omega 3 pills. During my last streak I was the hardest ive ever been in my life. N i relaped due to hunger im pretty sure. This is my journey from day 0.
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    Start of Day 1:
    My eyes kinda hurt but its really nothing new im not having any errections which is different from when I was on the streak. Going to try to study but my eyes are annoying. I dont really wanna do anything but im going to force myself to do positive things.

    End of Day 1:
    Flatlined all day no urges to do anything but got a lot of things done
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    Start of Day 2:
    Woke up feeling amazing but have a strong urge to masterbate n currently fighting it off. Going to try to take my first cold shower n hopefully get used to it by the end of this journal

    End of Day 2:
    Didn't take a cold shower but I noticed my penis is growing back from how it used to be. Ig these pills mixed with the constant mini streaks are adding up its pretty cool. Ima try a cold shower tomorrow morning, but I might pussy out of it time shall see.
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    Start of Day 3:
    Had a small morning wood tht turned into an extreme one. Fighting urges n feel very well rested

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