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    Day 23

    Today was mostly ok, spend time working and did some yoga. I still have feelings of guilt at my periphery at most times though which is soul draining. There is but one thing I can do - be better.
  2. Listener

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    Day 24

    Most of today was nice. Now that I'm not spending hours a day on porn I have so much time! I did some gardening, went for a run, went blackberry picking, and made some cakes. I also wrote an apology letter to my ex girlfriend. I still feel unsettled, but today I had glimpses of what my days could be like.
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    Day 25

    Today I was helping out with an open day and called a friend in the evening. I am alone as my housemate went to visit friends, but I am determined to spend this time wisely. I made some jam and cheese for the first time. Every day counts.
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    Day 26

    Went to the gym this morning, spent the day working, and made some Bolognese in the evening. I also had therapy for the first time in my life. My use of porn/masturbation as a way to unhealthily process my emotions had a large part in the session. It wasn't fun, but it was necessary and it was oddly nice to be able to talk openly about all this. I want to change.
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    Day 27

    Did some yoga, worked, saw a friend for a beer. My housemate came back today. I still do not trust myself, I felt guilty this morning just for checking that my Facebook account is indeed scheduled for deletion (they make you wait for a month before deleting it...). It was, and will be gone in 6 days. Yay.
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    Day 28

    I was referred for an autism assessment today which occupied my mind a fair bit. Struggling to process emotions and using masturbation as a coping mechanisms is something I am starting to recognise in my past. A strange day, but onwards and upwards.
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    Day 29

    I had to deal with an annoying utility company today and felt anxious and stressed having my housemate's friend in the house today because of their loudness at a late hour. I need to find better ways of coping with noise and not perfectly following my evening routine. Urges have been quite low, having my door wide open at all times helps.
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    Day 30

    It's Friday night and I'm alone at home. I feel like I should be out there socialising as I am in my 20s. However, at the same time I find most social contact draining. I resent others for having a good time even when I don't want to be with them. My emotions are quite irrational and I need to learn that others' fun does not decrease mine. I am no less valuable for spending my Friday night baking a cake and hoovering the house. I can feel the underlying urge to masturbate in order to numb the negative feelings I'm having. However, not today. I need to learn to process them, not numb them and hurt others.
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    Day 31

    I am quite tired, I had to carry a table a long way today. I still feel the background resentment towards others having fun. I need to learn to do what I enjoy without worrying about others.
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  10. Krebs

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    I have felt that way about resentment for a long time. Something similar to FOMO, I think. Check this out, it may be the cause
  11. Listener

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    Day 32

    Thanks Krebs, it does feel related to FOMO and perhaps also wrong expectations from myself and others. Today was an ok day. I did a few hours of tutoring and I ache a bit from yesterday, but I had a glimpse of how at peace I could one day feel about my actions. Not having shameful and hurtful secrets at one's core must be so freeing. I hope to get there one day.

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