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    Day 36
    So I'll be moving out of my Aunt and Uncle's place in the coming weeks. I just signed a lease for my new apartment, and things are looking pretty good. Had a rather productive day today, as I got out of the house. I find that if I do the bare minimum of getting out of the house, I have a far more productive day than when I stay in. Although I didn't get to work out today, I got a lot of walking in down town and around the city. I went to the apartment to see my room mate and together we went to the office building to sign the lease. Missed the first bus but no worries, got there and they didn't mind the fact that we were a half hour late.

    No urges today, in fact I've only used the internet for a combined hour and a half today, which is remarkably low for me. Watched the new episode of Game of Thrones, which was pretty good, as this season was getting off to a mediocre start. As far as cutting out distractions, the GOT episode was breaking the rules, but it's the only time I'll have the internet in the coming weeks so I might as well get it in. I have no other use for it once I get the new place. The fact that there is no wifi in my new place is a god send. I won't have to work at all to avoid PMO. The only places where I can get wifi are public places now and that is good since I will be forced to use the internet productively rather than as a drug.

    I finally got started on my reboot regimen and was taking notes outside on the patio today. I still have much more to do with it before I head to bed, but it's printed off and in my progress binder so I will be cutting out screen time once this post is finished. It's a good rule to cut out screen time a few hours before bed, helps the brain adjust for sleep rather than keep it in a state of alertness until sleep comes.

    I will be keeping y'all posted about when I get into my new routines to replace the porn and internet compulsions, I'm excited to get started on this journey, even though I've been on it for thirty six days. I've been white knuckling it this far and I think it's time I made a change.

    Tata for now, good luck on all your journeys, wish me luck on mine,



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